UCC asked to consider community impact in meeting practices

UCC asked to consider community impact in meeting practices

June 29, 2009
Written by Gregg Brekke

With a history of advocating "environmental, economic and social justice stewardship," the United Church of Christ added a consideration for respecting "personal, congregational and community habits" as churches and church bodies select meeting venues.

The "Resolution on Responsible Meeting Practice" was adopted this afternoon at the denomination's General Synod 27. "Just and responsible practices are foundational to all discussions of sustainability today," the resolution states. "A more spiritually-focused description is: 'To live wisely within God's creation...honoring the generations that have gone before and those that will follow."

Beyond environmental impact, the resolution asks meeting planners to consider the "interconnectedness" of the venue and resources required to meet and the impact such a meeting would have on the local community. The resolution also asks that education be provided to "meeting attendees, local community members and vendors" so all can work together to minimize impact. 

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