Founding Gift Appeal

Founding Gift Appeal

Our vision for the future is bright and there are now glimmers of light at the end of the HIV and AIDS tunnel. We are ready and eager to assist leaders, local churches and other settings to:
  • Assess and develop their HIV competence
  • Access and increase their capacities for response
  • Identify their next steps and implement them

UCAN is poised to provide significant leadership and programs toward living into a world without AIDS. The relationships we have built and the partnerships we are fostering are key to that future. Now we need your help, your partnership, to realize them. Will you join this ministry to keep the promise to stop AIDS by making a financial gift to UCAN?

A gift in any amount will make a difference, but will you please consider giving at one of the following levels:

  • $120 ($10/month)
  • $600* ($50/month)
  • $1,200* ($100/month)
  • $3,000* ($250/month)
*Gifts of $600 or more, now through December 31, 2010, will be part of the Founding Gift Circle. A plaque will be created for display at the UCAN office to acknowledge those who give at the Founding Gift level.

We recognize that these are difficult economic times and you no doubt are receiving many requests. We thank you for your time and consideration in making a gift to UCAN. Regardless of your decision, we look forward to your partnership as we offer compassion and hope, and together create a world free of HIV and AIDS.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support!