Things you can do to make a difference

Things you can do to make a difference

September 30, 2001
Written by Staff Reports

Nine-year-old Melina Kraus of the Westphalian Church in Germany drew this picture for members of the UCC. "As a congregation connected with your church ...," wrote her pastor, Andres Michael Kuhn, "may we each discover our faith in this darkness..."

This is an intolerance free zone

Support disaster relief through the UCC's "Hope from the Rubble" appeal.

Support the UCC's Neighbors in Need all-church offering, scheduled for many congregations on World Communion Sunday, Oct. 7, 2001.

Inform members of your congregation about the resources available for them on the UCC website.

Participate in interfaith services. Ask representatives of local Islamic centers, mosques and synagogues how you might partner with them to offer expressions of unity in your community.

Learn more about the teachings on peace and non-violence in Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Express concern for all God's children. Citizens of 62 nations were killed during the Sept. 11 attack. The entire world is affected.

Publicly decry any attempt to blame, scapegoat or retaliate against any single group of people for the tragedies.

Raise the issue of Anti-Arab hate crimes during your church's prayer and worship services, and at community prayer services.

Support passage of the "Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act" (S. 625/H.R. 1343), known last year as the Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

Stop any harassment you see of those who are perceived to be from the Middle East.

Take a break from the intensity of the news during this time of uncertainty and stress. Go to a movie. Take a walk in the park. Play with your kids. Sing.

Go to church. Pray. Read scripture, talk with others, and search your heart and soul for understanding and solace.

Reflect about the church's role in response to difficult issues like terrorism, violence, hate crimes and war. Send written reflections to

Do something in your community now that will prevent acts of hatred in the future.

Adapted from a list prepared by the UCC's Justice and Witness Ministries.

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