Honoring the Rev. Dr. Linda H. Hollies

Honoring the Rev. Dr. Linda H. Hollies

A Celebration of Works: Rev. Dr. Linda H. Hollies
Best-Selling Author ~ Prolific Speaker ~ Champion for Justice

In honor of Rev. Dr. Linda H. Hollies, and in observance of the second year since her passing, The Pilgrim Press is running a special promotion on all of Rev. Hollies' books through August 28, 2009.  Click on any of the below titles to purchase them at a very special promotional price.

Beloved, You Can Win!: Strategies for Walking Your Talk
Beloved, You Can Win! completed by Hollies before her unexpected death, provides insightful views on living a “purpose driven” life. Based on Romans 12, Hollies reminds readers of what Paul taught the First Church and explains how to: reposition their lives by walking by faith; dream bigger dreams for themselves; and set and achieve larger goals. Her suggestions allow readers to be transformed and thus become able to live the lives that they talk.

Inner Healing for Broken Vessels: A Domestic Violence Survival Guide
Inner Healing for Broken Vessels, originally published in 1992, follows the author's healing process as she made the decision to move forward with her life after being a victim of childhood incest.  She outlines the seven steps she has identified as necessary for this type of healing: recognition, admission, sharing, confession, reconciliation, choose to be different, and choosing daily. She parallels them to profiles of both biblical and modern-day women who have struggled with similar issues.

Jesus and These Bodacious Women: Life Lessons from One Sister to Another
Hollies is well-known for her new spins on stories of biblical women such as Mary Magdalene, the Bent-over Woman, Queen Esther, and Mary. She writes with empathy, inspiration, humor, and poignancy.  Five new stories - with additional spins and turns - have been added to this classic: Vashti, Jezebel, Cosbi (prostitute in Book of Numbers), Dorcas, and Lydia.  Each chapter includes "Just Between Us" questions and suggestions that will resonate with readers.

Living Bountifully!: The Blessings of Responsible Stewardship
Why are some of the most religious women lacking in cash reserves, land equity or stock portfolios? Jesus spent a great deal of time speaking to his followers about money and property. Hollies concludes that these are issues which women in general and women of color in particular need to address in their personal lives. In Living Bountifully!, she shares her lessons, strategies, and experiences of godly stewardship.  Through the little-known stories of Mahlah, Hoglah, Milcah, and other women, Hollies shows how we can live abundantly by applying God's economic principles to our lives.

Sage Sisters: Essential Lessons for African-American Women in Ministry
The author, an experienced minister, has faced many changes as an African-American woman. In this book, she reaches out to other women so that they all can share essential learnings needed to be successful in a male-dominated profession. The options offered and ideas shared come from diverse denominations, including: African Methodist Episcopal Zion, Baptist, Church of God, United Church of Christ, and the United Methodist Church.  The lessons, advice, and options offered will assist women in seminary and those who are new to ministry. They will learn from those sage sisters who have endured many challenges and trials and have forged the way for future generations of female clergy.


Sister Save Yourself!: Direct Talk About Domestic Violence
In her latest book, the author addresses women who are victims of domestic violence and those who do ministry with them. She begins by simply telling the victims they do not have to stay in abusive relationships, but provides effective strategies and solutions that will empower them. She discusses how and why the church must speak out against male domination and institutional sexism and offers clergy a new interpretation of the scriptures that are used to support submissiveness. This practical, accessible resource will help break the silence of domestic violence so that victims and congregations can work together toward a healing solution.


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