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October 26, 2009

Equipping the Saints: Best Practices in Contextual Theological Eduacation
By: David O. Jenkins and P. Alice Rodgers (editors)
Foreward by Walter Brueggemann

Equipping the Saints is the result of a conference held at Candler School of Theology in 2007 based on contextual education programs and best practices in divinity schools across the United States. Thirteen presentations were selected to represent the diversity of creative approaches in achieving the common task of preparing students for ministry. This book will encourage seminary professors to share what worked for them so they may effectively shape and form their students for ministry in the 21st century.

Articles from UCC News

1.  'Sing! Prayer and Praise' song book available for pre-order
Written by Staff Reports
April 14, 2009

Nearly three years after the idea for a new praise and worship song book was presented, the creative journey is finally realized. The Sing! Prayer and Praise song book will have its official debut at General Synod 27....Continue Reading

Pilgrim Press and UCC Resources sites join
Written by Gregg Brekke
February 10, 2009

In a further effort to simplify the process of getting information and obtaining materials, the UCC's web team and publishing group have consolidated all product ordering through an integrated e-commerce module on the website...Continue Reading


Articles from The Living Church Magazine

1.  The Art of Parables
Written by Staff Reports
February 8, 2009

A theologian, teacher and artists looks to scuplture and other artwork for a fresh, visually inspiried approach to the 31 parables of Jesus. A special emphasis is placed on ethical and social justice issues raised in these stories, Includes many illustrations and a CD for us in multimedia presentations.

2.  Top 10 Ways to Defuse Your Congregations Time Bomb
Written Staff Reports
January 4, 2009

A church consultant shares tips on creating a church environment in which positive change can happen, laying the groundwork for a turnaround. This concise, fast-paced guide is loaded with real-world examples of things that can go wrong in congregations, and ways to address them.

3.  Go Grow Your Church
Written by Staff Reports
January 4, 2009

An A.M.E. pastor offers an insider's perspective on what makes evangelism, stewardship, and administration unique in a majority African American church. Emphasizes practical steps for growth, targeted to clergy and lay leaders.

4.  Caffeine & Christ
Written by Staff Reports
January 4, 2009

One of a series of four books by this author designed to be used as scripture-based discussion starters for a youth small-group meeting in a favorite coffee shop (hence the "Caffeine"), or an an ongoing curriculum. This edition covers the various aspects of Jesus' life, ministry, humanity and divinity. A mix of Bible study, discussion topics, contemporary references and humor.

5.  Health Ministries
Written by Staff Reports
September 28, 2008

A succinct and comprehensive guide for churches to address health concerns in congregations and the wide community through a parish nurse ministry. Among the topics the health of teenagers, caring for caregivers, "the collapse of primary care medicine," and establishing a budget for a parish nurse ministry.

6.  God in My Life
Written by Staff Reports
September 14, 2008

This is an unusual book in that it is comprised of short stories of faith written by a wide variety of people, apparently all from the United Church of Christ. The most effective are written by young people who discover God being active in their lives. Some good resources are included.

News Updates from The Pilgrim Press

Consumer Product Safety Information Compliance

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) sets strict new limits on the content of particular materials (lead and phthalates) that can be found in children's products and other consumer goods. Effective February 10, 2009, lead content is limited to 600 ppm; by August 14, 2011, this limit will be 100 ppm. This law includes all books and printed materials developed for children, ages 12 and younger. Every manufacturer, importer, and private labeler of a product subject to CPSIA manufactured or imported on or after November 12, 2008, must provide a General Certificate of Conformity. Third-party testing and certification are required for products covered by CPSIA, beginning December 22, 2008. Such products sold or shipped are required to meet the CPSIA standards by February 20, 2009.

The Pilgrim Press has taken steps to comply with this new legislation:

We have notified our vendors of the law and our need for Certifications of Compliance for all copies of products under CPSIA currently in inventory.

We have accumulated Certification of Compliance for each in-print title.

In 2007, The Pilgrim Press declared a number of children's titles out-of-print. The Pilgrim Press purchased these as co-published inventory through other publishers (John Hunt in UK; Shinko-Sha in Japan) who had printing done in China. Some remainder bookstores still have inventory. We have established a policy to work with such vendors on addressing this inventory.

Future shipments of Seasons of the Spirit and Gather 'Round curricula will include Certifications of Compliance.

Out-Of-Print Titles - Pulled February 2009

ISBN                                        TITLE                                                   PUB DATE

16291               ACTING RELIGIOUS                                                      9/15/2005

15597               AFRICAN AMER WOMEN TAPPING POWER                 10/5/2004

17041               BECOMING A MULTICULTURAL CHURCH                      5/2/2006

1387X               BECOMING A NEW CHURCH                                        4/6/2000

16283               BOUND TOGETHER                                                      2/8/2005

16488               CAN THIS CHURCH LIVE                                               8/26/2004

13802               CHILDREN TOGETHER                                                 1/26/2001

1695X               CONFESSIONS OF JEWISH PRIEST                             8/31/2005

17164               CONNECTED SPIRITS                                                   5/2/2007

15473               DEEP STUFF                                                                4/30/2004

10617               DISCOVERING NC HYMNAL                                          10/30/1995

14426               EARTH STY-PSALMS AND PROPHET                           11/1/2001

14418               EARTH STY-WISDOM TRADITIONS                                11/1/2001

16097               FEMINIST COMP - DEUTERO-PAULINE                         10/24/2003

15880               FEMINIST COMP JOHN-VOL 1                                       5/29/2003

15899               FEMINIST COMP JOHN-VOL 2                                       5/29/2003

16577               FEMINIST COMP TO ACTS OF THE APO                       9/22/2004

16755               FEMINIST COMP TO CATHOLIC EPISTL                        1/19/2005

15929               FEMINIST COMP TO LUKE                                            5/21/2004

1700X               FEMINIST COMP TO MARIOLOGY                                 7/20/2005

15910               FEMINIST COMP TO MARK                                           5/21/2004

15902               FEMINIST COMP TO MATTHEW                                    5/21/2004

16089               FEMINIST COMP TO PAUL                                            7/14/2004

17546               FEMINIST COMP TO THE APOCRYPHA                         7/19/2006

16666               GOD LISTENS TO YOUR CARE                                    12/29/2005

16658               GOD LISTENS TO YOUR LOVE                                     9/1/2005

17416               GOD LISTENS WHEN YOU'RE AFRAID                         8/1/2006

16674               GOD LISTENS WHEN YOU'RE SAD                              2/16/2005

14817               GRACE OF SOPHIA                                                     5/6/2002

15309               HARVEST FOR THE WORLD                                        5/13/2003

16003               HELP ME REMEMBER                                                10/28/2005

16178               HOPE DEFERRED                                                       5/23/2005

16321               I AM THIS ONE WALKING BESIDE ME                         4/28/2005

14124               IN SEARCH OF FAITH                                                  5/14/2001

14310               INSIGHTS - BIBLE DECISION MAKING                          8/16/2001

14043               INSIGHTS - BIBLE SPIRITUAL DISCI                             9/22/2000

13764               INSIGHTS - FACING CHANGE                                      9/22/2000

15570               INSIGHTS - JOB                                                           2/26/2003

17362               INSIGHTS - LOVE                                                         8/4/2006

15538               INSIGHTS - POWERS & PRINCIPALITI                           2/26/2003

13357               INSIGHTS - USERS GUIDE TO THE BI                           7/13/1999

14299               INSIGHTS - WOMEN IN THE BIBLE                               8/16/2001

13993               INTRO-ASIAN FEMINIST THEOLOGY                            9/12/2000

14833               INTRO-FEMINIST CHRISTOLOGIES                               5/10/2002

1499X               INTRO-FEMINIST CULTURAL HERMENEU                     9/27/2002

14183               INTRO-FEMINIST IMAGES OF GOD                               3/19/2001

1440X               INTRO-FEMINIST PASTORAL CARE AND                       9/19/2001

14051               INTRO-PRACTICAL FEMENINT THEOL                           9/12/2000

13829               INTRO-REDEMPTION IN CHR FEMINISM                        6/12/2000

13799               INTRO-THEALOGY                                                        6/12/2000

14485               KNOWLEDGE THAT MATTERS                                     1/25/2002

11567               LANGUAGE OF THE NCH                                              5/13/1996

16704               MY RED COUCH                                                           10/28/2005

11559               N CENTURY BK OF CAROLS                                        8/22/1996

15686               NURTURING FAITH AND HOPE                                     10/20/2004

14329               OUR DAUGHTER MARTHA                                            9/1/2001

14191               PANDEMONIUM TREMENDUM                                      4/25/2001

13292               PARTNERS IN COVENANT                                            4/12/1999

16496               PENTECOSTAL COMM - 1 JOHN 2 JOHN                       6/1/2004

1650X               PENTECOSTAL COMM - 1 PETER 2 PET                       6/1/2004

14906               PILGRIM PRAYER-GRANDMOTHERS                            10/3/2002

1552X               PILGRIM PRAYER-MEALTIME                                       6/4/2003

15864               PILGRIM PRAYER-PEOPLE LIVING WIT                        9/10/2004

15945               PILGRIM PRAYER-SINGLE FATHERS                            9/23/2004

14728               PILGRIM PRAYER-SINGLE MOTHERS                           3/18/2002

14094               POT LIKKER STORIES                                                  6/1/2001

15813               REVIVE YOUR MAINLINE CONGREGATON                    11/18/2003

1020X               RITE OF CONFIRMATION                                              4/10/1995

15937               SEVEN SONGS OF CREATION                                     6/2/2004

15726               SOLOMONS SUCCESS                                                11/14/2006

17119               SPIRITUAL COMPANION TO HOW TO GE                      5/2/2006

17188               SPIRITUAL TRIAGE                                                       2/23/2006

16208               TEVYE'S GRANDCHILDREN                                          8/31/2004

16372               THANKS BE TO GOD                                                    5/23/2005

1597X               THESE THREE: THE THEOLOGICAL VIR                        3/15/2004

16798               THIS OLD CHURCH                                                       10/11/2005

15775               TRANSGENDER JOURNEYS                                         10/22/2003

16690               WELLS OF WISDOM                                                     5/6/2005

16844               WISING UP                                                                   11/10/2005

15279               WOMEN PREACHING                                                   7/26/2004





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