The Comma crosses the pond

The Comma crosses the pond

June 28, 2009
Written by Gregg Brekke


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By Christmas 2010, Americans visiting London probably will see another familiar logo, besides the Nike swoosh, the Golden Arches and Coke: the God is Still Speaking comma.
That's the word from the Rev. Dale Rominger, secretary for World Church Relations of the United Reformed Church (URC) in Great Britain. Rominger, a UCC minister who once served a church in Sunol, Calif., visited Synod to discuss the use of the comma and other GISS materials.
"The URC has covenanted with the UCC and promised to maintain the integrity of the brand, for example, the red and black colors, the integrity of the message," he said.
The URC has 50 of its 1,800 churches lined up to be "research and development" churches, Rominger said, ready to take the lead in introducing the campaign. It also has a 320,000-pound grant (more than $500,000) for the campaign from the international Council for World Mission.
"Our people are excited about this," said Rominger, "especially when we explain it as the 21st Century expression of the 17th Century John Robinson quote: 'There is more truth and light yet to break forth from God's holy word.' "
More light and truth? Right. They get it!

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