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General Synod 29 Workshops

All Workshops take place on Saturday, June 29, 2013

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Alternative Models of Part-Time Ministry: What Works?
As fewer churches can afford full-time ministers, laity and clergy are exploring the opportunities and difficulties of part-time ministry. We will compare approaches, including (1) use and misuse of technology, (2) schedules other than "here every Sunday," (3) yoking and other collaboration, and (4) fair contract terms and assessment practices.
Rev. Karen Byrne, M.Div., Union Theological Seminary NYC, J.D., University of Virginia, part-time minister of Winslow Congregational UCC in Maine, commutes monthly from Washington, DC.
2:00 P.M. – ROOM S-4A

Bars, Pies & Donuts: Reporting Church Numbers Without Putting People to Sleep
Learn ways to communicate financial information that gets your point across and helps your audience better understand their role in church financial health. We'll discuss which numbers to report, graphics (bars, pies & donuts) that tell your church's story, and financial dashboards that communicate easily. Attendees will receive a reference handbook.
The Rev. Cheri L. Lovell serves as marketing consultant for the United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund
2:00 P.M. – ROOM S-7

Boomer Clergy in Retirement: Gloom or Bloom? (OFF-SITE TRIP TO PILGRIM PLACE)
Potential applicants in religious/non-profit service are invited spend Saturday afternoon exploring retirement at Pilgrim Place, a vital UCC-related community in Claremont, CA. Bus will depart Long Beach at 1 p.m.; return approx. 6 p.m. Tours, snacks and retirement dialogue with residents and a Pension Boards representative. See resident eligibility details at www.pilgrimplace.org.
Hosted by Pilgrim Place and UCC Pension Boards.
1:00 P.M. – ROOM S-2 (Meeting place before departure to Pilgrim Place)

Caring for Creation
The United Church of Christ's Core Purpose claims our responsibility to serve God in the co-creation of a justice and sustainable world. This workshop focuses on helping participants understand how God is calling us, as congregations and individuals, to work for the care and renewal of Creation on a global, national and local level.
Presenters include Jim Deming, UCC Minister for Environmental Justice and Jean Miller from Good Shepherd United Church of Christ in Cary, North Carolina.
3:45 P.M. – Promenade Ballroom A

Christianity in a Multi-Faith Setting
The opportunity for interfaith dialogue often erupts in response to a community crisis, yet cultivating inter-religious understanding takes planning and time. Two UCC leaders, who have been immersed in a multi-faith educational setting, share their expertise – including the groundbreaking interfaith work happening both in and out of the classroom at Andover Newton Theological School and Hebrew College and Rabbinical School in Boston, MA.
The Rev. Dr. Sarah B. Drummond serves as Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs & Associate Professor of Ministerial Leadership at Andover Newton Theological School. The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Nordbeck is the Moses Brown Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Andover Newton.
3:45 P.M. – ROOM S-4A

The Congo Crisis
The Democratic Republic of Congo contains some of the world's richest deposits of gold, diamonds, copper and other minerals, which have led to a conflict that has caused the death of more than six million Congolese citizens. Learn about the Congo Crisis from a historical, social, and political context.
The Rev. Sandra Gourdet serves as Africa Executive with Global Ministries, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ.
2:00 P.M. – ROOM S-3B

Evangelism 101 for ONA Congregations: Grow Your Church!
An Open and Affirming (ONA) covenant is sometimes a missed opportunity for church growth. Congregations grow when they connect with the LGBTQ community and use every opportunity to publicize their ONA covenant. Learn best practices from churches that attract LGBTQ seekers and young heterosexual couples who identify with the values of a welcoming church.
Andrew Lang serves as executive director of the UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns and administrator of the Open and Affirming Program.
2:00 P.M. – ROOM 101A

Faith Practices: A Resource for the Whole Church
We will explore the many ways that Faith Practices can be used in the life of a congregation. Participants will have an opportunity to get familiar with the resource and experience the breadth and depth of the material available. This workshop will offer something for everyone.
Rebecca Johnston served as a writer and editor for Faith Practices. She is a Partner in Education in the Wisconsin Conference and serves as an Interim Pastor.
3:45 P.M. – ROOM 204

Finding Funds for Ministry
A practical workshop that covers ideas from J. Clif Christopher's most recent books "Not Your Parents Offering Plate!" and "Whose Offering Plate Is It?" We will share best fundraising practices from our settings for ministry, and learn a simple, effective way to present the financial needs of the congregation.
The Rev. John H. Pomeroy serves as Western Area Mission Interpreter for the United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund. John is also copastor of First Congregational Church of Pasadena with his wife, Rev. Marlene W. Pomeroy.
3:45 P.M. – ROOM S-7

Generating Extra Monies for Your Congregation
While Providing Affordable Housing for Your Community Congregations can learn how to use church-owned, under-utilized property to generate affordable housing in their community, while also generating funds for their church. Retirement Housing Foundation (RHF) is a national non-profit provider of affordable housing and services for older adults, low-income families and persons with disabilities, and has worked with a number of churches (both within the UCC and from other denominations) to do just that.
Dr. Laverne Joseph serves as President and CEO of the Retirement Housing Foundation. Dr. Joseph is a recognized leader in the affordable housing field whose expertise is called upon at the state and national levels.
3:45 P.M. – ROOM S-4B

Get Thee to Nineveh: Choosing to plant or renew a congregation in a difficult, inner city community
Conventional wisdom says that when planting a congregation, one must choose the "right" location. But what if you are being called to plant or renew a church in the "wrong" community ? Just as God instructed Jonah (against conventional wisdom) to go to Nineveh, this workshop will provide you with strategies for planting and renewing congregations in difficult locations.
Pastor Cean R. James is the founder of Grace Christian Fellowship, UCC in Philadelphia, PA. GCFUCC, is a thriving church in the poorest and sickest zip code in the USA.
3:45 P.M. – ROOM 201B

The Gift of Hindsight: Learning from our Recent Past
Looking toward the future is one way to embrace God's Vision. However, looking at the past also provides inspiration and courage. This workshop will examine significant events since the formation of the UCC in 1957 to enrich and challenge congregations and members today.
Barbara Brown Zikmund is a retired seminary educator who has taught and written about American history and the UCC for many years. She serves on the UCC Historical Council.
2:00 P.M. – Seaside Ballroom A

The Global Conflict for Human Rights and Natural Resources
Learn about the conflict over natural resources around the world, understand the impact on human rights and indigenous communities. Guests from partner churches in the Congo and the Philippines will participate in the workshop.
Derek Duncan, Advocacy Associate for Global Ministries (UCC and Disciples), works on international peace and human rights issues like militarization, food security, and resource extraction.
2:00 P.M. – ROOM 201A

Global Migration
Migration is one of the most pressing issues worldwide, being related to many other issues including climate change, human trafficking, war, economic injustice and sectarian conflict. The workshop will bring together domestic and global faith leaders for a panel presentation and moderated discussion in which various dimensions of global migration are examined.
Andrea Cano has served with the Geneva-based World Council of Churches, as a Global Ministries missionary and as an organizational consultant.
2:00 P.M. – Promenade Ballroom A

A Just Peace for Israel Palestine: The Role of the UCC
What is God's Vision for the UCC, a Just Peace Church, in achieving a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine? How can we educate, advocate and support our Global Ministries Partners toward a peace that will bring security, justice, prosperity and healing to all the peoples of the area?
Panelists include: Dr. Mira Rizeq, National General Secretary of the YWCA of Palestine, a Global Ministries partner, on the call of the Kairos Palestine Document; Dr. Shakeel Syed, Board Member of American Muslims for Palestine on the interfaith, non-violent resistance movement in Israel/Palestine and the US; Dr. Dalit Baum, Director of the Middle East Program at American Friends Service Committee, San Francisco on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement; and Moderator: The Rev. John Buttrick, Steering Committee of UCC Palestine Israel Network
3:45 P.M. – ROOM 202C

Justice for All Workers: Low-wage jobs, hotel workers, and support for worker justice
One-quarter of U.S. jobs pay poverty-level wages and provide few fringe benefits. Workshop participants will explore the biblical call for worker justice, learn about low-wage jobs, hear from Long Beach hotel workers about their struggle for justice, and discuss ways to improve low-wage jobs and support workers in our communities.
Presenters will include local Long Beach, CA hotel workers; the Rev. Jerry Stinson, former senior minister of First Congregational Church of Long Beach; and, Edith Rasell, Minister for Economic Justice, United Church of Christ.
3:45 P.M. – ROOM 203C

A Local Church Mental Health Ministry: Spiritual Support Group for Mental Health and Wellness
Where is it safe enough to talk with others about mental health challenges? What can a church offer spiritually? This workshop offers hands-on information to form a mental health ministry and how to offer a spiritual support group, including a detailed format of such a group and guidelines.
Alan Johnson serves as Chair of the UCC Mental Health Network and is affected by mental health challenges in his own family. Johnson has also served as a co-facilitator of a bi-monthly spiritual support group for the last four years.
2:00 P.M. – ROOM S-6

Media, Technology and Worship
This workshop will offer an overview of how technology and multimedia experiences are changing the face of worship. This class is intended to help implement and expand media in worship, whether you are just starting out or have been producing media for years.
Jerry King is an award-winning producer and educator in the fields of broadcast, audio, and video production. Mr. King has 19 years experience in television, media, audio, lighting and worship as well as teaching video editing, camera techniques, acoustics, and psychoacoustics. He currently serves as the Director of Television and Media for the Cathedral of Hope UCC in Dallas, TX.
2:00 P.M. – Seaside Ballroom B

Mercy, Justice, Action
How can we build on our essential service ministries by also addressing the root causes of suffering and justice? The Justice Leaders Engaging and Developing (Justice LED) program was created to help churches develop and inform faith-based justice ministries. Join us in this workshop to explore Justice LED as well as faith-based community organizing and other social change strategies and best practices. This workshop is for anyone interested in various justice strategies and ministries that have the potential to nurture faith, enhance congregational mission and effect social change.
The Rev. Kelly Burd, Minister for Justice Leadership Formation will be joined by local activists to share experiences through national and local efforts.
2:00 P.M. – Promenade Ballroom B

Ministry to Boomers: Growing Older, Thinking Younger
This workshop provides an overview of the boomer generation, with all its subtle complexities and idiosyncrasies, and challenges leaders to consider how congregations must change, if they intend to tap the energy, talents and wisdom of this generation. Based on Keith Haemmelmann's book by the same title, this offering will provide a compass for your congregation seeking to chart a new course for ministering to and with boomers.
Rev. Dr. Keith A. Haemmelmann has been in ministry for over thirty years, serving UCC congregations in Colorado, Chicago, and currently, St. Pete Beach, Florida. He has served as adjunct faculty at Andover Newton Seminary, as well as multiple boards throughout the United Church of Christ.
2:00 P.M. – ROOM 202A

The Pastoral Excellence Network: Strengthening and Sustaining Excellent Pastors
The Pastoral Excellence Network, a new nation-wide initiative, enhances the vitality of congregations by strengthening pastoral leadership. We help new pastors get a good start and assist seasoned clergy to be engaged meaningfully in peer support and learning. Come learn about our work and taste a Community of Practice experience.
Christina Braudaway-Bauman and Lawrence Peers, UCC clergy, are the Director and Director of Learning of the Pastoral Excellence Network.
3:45 P.M. – ROOM 201A

Physical Theatre: Ministry on Tour with Youth and Young Adults
Dance, mime, circus, and drama are the tools used by the Michigan Conference of Youth and Young Adults (MUCCY) to share their message and ministry. These youth and young adults, with the help of international performers, show you how to use physical theatre in your church or for your mission trip. You will learn some basic techniques that you can immediately perform in your own church, including illustrating a scripture text or sermon.
Members of the Michigan Conference Youth and Young Adults and special guests.
2:00 P.M. – ROOM S-3A

Praise Music and the Progressive Church
For leaders in progressive churches looking to broaden their worship horizons to include praise music: Discuss the unique power of emotional and fun singing in worship and the features of intellectually honest and theologically dynamic praise music. Explore ways to integrate praise songs with simple and/or conservative theology. Learn helpful tips on how to teach and lead congregations in praise and worship singing with a focus on communities for whom this music is new.
Rev. Rob Leveridge serves as Associate Pastor of First United Church of Oak Park, IL. Rev. Leveridge is also a songwriter and writes music for community worship, as well as live performance.
2:00 P.M. – ROOM 101B

Realizing God's Vision: Mission-Driven Stewardship
Avoid the stewardship season scares! In this workshop, we will explore stewardship as a ministry intimately connected to our lives as faithful communities. Participants will reflect on their own experiences and learn to involve their congregations in a culture of stewardship that transforms their communities and realizes God's vision.
Christopher Marlin-Warfield, M.Div., is the church relations associate at Back Bay Mission, a community ministry of the United Church of Christ.
3:45 P.M. – Promenade Ballroom C

Science, Faith and Technology – We're All on the Same Side
A recent Pew report showed that just over 50% of Christians in the U.S. think that "science and religion are often in conflict." Would you like to help change that perception? If you work or study in a science or technology related field, and would like to connect with others in those fields, or if you want to learn more about helping your church go deeper in relating science and faith, join us at this workshop.
Deirdre King Hainsworth is a UCC minister and professor in Pittsburgh, where she's teaching – and learning -- about how to connect technology, faith, and vocation.
3:45 P.M. – ROOM S-6

So You Have An Affordable Housing Ministry: What Next?
Did your congregation build an affordable housing community 30 to 40 years ago and now finds that its membership isn't interested in it any longer? Do you have an affordable housing community and are finding government regulations more impossible to become compliant? Or is your affordable housing community showing its age and you aren't quite sure how you are going to be able to renovate it? This workshop will help to answer these and other questions related to current affordable housing ministries within your congregation.
Dr. Laverne Joseph serves as President and CEO of the Retirement Housing Foundation. Dr. Joseph is a recognized leader in the affordable housing field whose expertise is called upon at the state and national levels.
2:00 P.M. – ROOM S-4B

Storytelling for Faith Formation
Heighten your congregation's Biblical literacy, empower their spiritual imagination and spark their passion for service through storytelling and story listening, essential faith formation tools for every age group. Come home from General Synod with new skills for storytelling in worship and education!
Rev. Jane Anne Ferguson is a storyteller, pastor, chaplain, and retreat/conference leader who lives and works, plays and prays in Fort Collins, CO.
3:45 P.M. – ROOM S-3B

Successful Music Resources for Small Choirs: Our Favorites
This workshop will provide useful and inspiring music for choirs with limited budgets and/or a small number of singers. The workshop will include a 'reading session' of at least 15 favorite anthems, singing through and evaluating each piece in regards to choirs with limited resources. Each piece of music will be usable in several different worship settings and singable by many different types of groups.
Janice Hawthorne Timm serves as Minister of Music at United Church of Cloverdale, CA.
3:45 P.M. – ROOM 101B

"Terra Incognita" - Discovering and Designing the Future Church
The edges of unfinished maps can be viewed with monsters or adventure in the "terra incognita" (unknown land). A new world is being created right before our eyes. Participants will learn about Human Centered Design and how we can respond to the new world, innovate and create the future church.
Rev. Phil Hart has served as Interim Conference Minister in the Ohio, Illinois and Northern California Nevada Conferences. He currently lives in San Francisco, California.
3:45 P.M. – Seaside Ballroom A

The UCC and Media Justice: The Next 100 Years
As the Rev. Everett Parker celebrates his centennial, the UCC's Office of Communication, Inc., which he founded, continues to advocate for media justice and diverse voices—women, persons of color, the LGBT community, immigrants and prisoners. Learn about key battlegrounds of the 21st century and how you can join the fight.
Cheryl Leanza is OC Inc.'s policy advisor and co-chair of the Telecommunications Task Force of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. Earl Williams, chair of the OC Inc. board and a lawyer and Shaker Heights, Ohio, City Council member, worked with Everett Parker with the Citizens Communications Center. Sara Fitzgerald is a member of the OC Inc. board, former president of the Central Atlantic Conference board and a former Washington Post editor.
2:00 P.M. – ROOM 201B

Understanding PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
'What Comes After Welcome Home' is designed to assist churches to prepare for veterans, past and present, currently facing the challenges of civilian life, often with subtle or severe cases of PTSD. Tom's personal story and a demonstration of his service dog "Scrubs" is an integral part of the presentation.
Thomas Skinner is a lifelong UCC member, Army Veteran, and founder of Welcome Home Ministries, which is designed to raise awareness about PTSD.
3:45 P.M. – ROOM 202A

Veterans in our Faith Communities
This practical workshop will provide suggestions and encouragement for faith communities to welcome Veterans of all backgrounds "all the way home". Veterans haven't always felt welcome or at ease in our churches as they re-enter US society and return to their home life. Our churches can promote and support a smooth transition home in many ways.
The Rev. Penny Phillips, MA, MDiv, BCC, has served Veterans over 16 years at the Palo Alto Veterans Hospital. The issue of welcoming Veterans home is near and dear to her heart. The Rev. Thomas Crosby, MDiv, has served Veterans for four years at the Palo Alto VA Hospital. Issues of Veterans' mental health and various addictions are his primary focus.
3:45 P.M. – Seaside Ballroom B

A Vision for the UCC
Bold, inspirational goals begin with a vision for the future. Discover some of the ways the UCC national setting is striving to reach four goals of being: a Bold, Public Voice, a Welcoming, Reachable Congregation, Engaged Disciples and Excellent, Diverse Leaders. Gifts to Our Church's Wider Mission make this ministry possible.
Members of National Staff will lead this workshop.
2:00 P.M. & 3:45 P.M. – ROOM 202B

The Way We Do The Things We Do: Intentional Faith Formation
Opportunities for youth to engage in positive, safe environments are few and far between. They need opportunities to grow in their faith formation in ways that resonate with them and their unchurched peers. This workshop will address the successful methods we use for youth ministries that don't compromise our beliefs.
Rev. Dr. Constance Simon is an UCC ordained minister with over thirty years of experience in Christian Education teaching and administration. She stresses education as a liberating force for all ages.
3:45 P.M. – ROOM 101A

Welcoming Children in Worship
Children need to worship in community. This workshop will examine the spiritual development of children, brainstorming ways to successfully welcome them into the entire service of worship while keeping the service accessible for all ages. Examples and resources from the workshop leaders' experiences leading successful intergenerational worship will be shared.
Debbie Gline Allen is the Minister of Christian Formation at UCC North Hampton (NH) and is the Chairperson of the Association of United Church Educators. Rebecca Johnston serves as an interim Pastor in the Wisconsin Conference UCC and is the Great Lakes Representative to the Association of United Church Educators.
2:00 P.M. – ROOM 204

Welcome the Stranger: Creating Immigrant Welcoming Congregations
The United States at its very heart is a nation of immigrants. Yet these core values have been lost in a culture and political climate that is ready to vilify the "stranger." This workshop will return us to these values by meeting Jesus (the immigrant) in our communities.
Rev. Dr. Randy J. Mayer, pastor/activist in Sahuarita, AZ and Rev. Noel Andersen, Grassroots Organizer for Immigrant Rights with Church World Service in Washington D.C.
3:45 P.M. – ROOM S-3A

Whatever Happened to the American Dream?
Child poverty, mass incarceration, inequality, social immobility, and racial and economic segregation increasingly define today's America. These destructive trends grow from public policies and are not inevitable. Workshop panelists and participants will discuss how we got here and how we can reclaim the American Dream.
Presenters include members of the Justice & Witness Ministries Staff—Sala Nolan, Edith Rasell, Jan Resseger—and Rev. Dr. Art Cribbs, Executive Director, California Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice
2:00 P.M. – ROOM 203C

The YWCA of Palestine - Witness and Presence in a Context of Conflict
This workshop will introduce UCC/Global Ministries partner, the YWCA of Palestine, and share the work it does.
Dr. Peter E. Makari, Ph.D., Executive, Middle East and Europe, Global Ministries of the United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and Dr. Mira Rizeq, National General Secretary of the YWCA of Palestine
2:00 P.M. – ROOM 202C

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