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Friday, July 1, 2011

Group Name: Council for Ecumenism & Interfaith Relations
Title of Event: Church in the Public Sector
Description: The Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins, General Minister and President of the Christian Chruch (Disciples of Christ), will speak on the Challenges and Opportunities of Ecumenical and Interfaith Engagement in Politics.
Contact Person: Daniva Wilkes
Contact Information: (email) 216-736-2198 (phone)

Group Name: Justice and Witness Ministries Dinner
Title of Events: JWM Dinner & Awards
Description: Join us as we celebrate the Justice Ministries that call us to bear witness within our various settings. Also, help us honor this Synod's Justice Awardees.
Contact Person: Bentley de Bardelaben
Contact Information: (email) 216-736-3713 (phone)

Group Name: UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns
Title of Event: UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns Banquet
Description: Join the UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns for an inspirational opportunity to renew hope for a church that practices God's extravagant welcome!
Contact Person: Andy Lang
Contact Information: (email) 216-861-0779 (phone)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Group Name: Andover Newton Theological School
Title of Event: Andover Newton Theological School Lunch
Description: Andover Newton warmly invites all Alumni/ae, Students, Prospective Students, and Friends to join us for this opportunity to reconnect and hear about what is happening on the hill.

Group Name: Chicago Theological Seminary
Title of Event: Chicago Theological Seminary Lunch
Description: Alumni/ae, friends and prospective students are invited to join this celebratory and informative luncheon as the CTS community counts down to the opening of our new building and an array of new initiatives. President Alice Hunt and distinguished faculty will be present to discuss CTS at the advent of historic transformation.
Contact Person: Ruth Martin
Contact Information: (email) 773-322-0261 (phone)

Group Name: Congregational Vitality and Discipleship Team
Title of Event: Honored Lay Women's Celebration Luncheon
Description: The gifts of women in the church will be shared in the celebration of lay women; named by conferences,
honored during the Luncheon and program celebration.
Contact Person: Damaris Vélez
Contact Information (email) 216-736-3876 (phone)

Group Name: Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries
Title of Event: CYYAM Lunch:  Pizza & Possibilities
Description: Come one, come all!  Are you a young adult?  Do you work with young adults?  Do you support young adults?  Come luncheon with us and learn more about the many possibilities and happenings in young adult ministry.
Contact Person: Kelly Forbush
Contact Information: (email)

Group Name: Elmhurst College
Title of Event: Shared Values
Description: Elmhurst College National Church Association
Contact Person: Kim Wisler-Vasko
Contact Information: (email) 630-617-3462 (phone)

Group Name: Parish Life and Leadership Ministry Team
Title of Event: UCC Chaplains Luncheon
Description: This is for all chaplains who are endorsed for specialized ministry (military, VA, prisons, hospitals, health care, pastoral counseling, pastoral educators, police/fire departments, etc.) Also invited are those considering chaplaincy as a specialized ministry.
Contact Person: Rev. John Gundlach or Ms. Kathleen Sattler
Contact Information or (email) 828-478-5551 or 216-736-3850 (phone)

Group Name: United Black Christians
Title of Event: United Black Christians Luncheon
Description: REMEMBERING OUR WAY INTO THE FUTURE. Be prepared to receive a blessing. "Unless you realize the justice of my cause, the victory is meaningless." African attire encouraged.
Contact Person: Carol Brown
Contact Information: (email) 216-751-6626 (phone)

Group Name: Local Church Ministries
Title of Event: The Holy Gift of Imagination!
Description: Join us for an evening of fun and inspirational interaction guided by Dr. Marcia McFee with piano accompaniment by Branden Grimmett. Celebrate the holy gift of imagination in each of us that can revitalize our passion for discipleship! We will remember and reclaim the holy spark that is inherently part of us, that makes us unique and that connects us to one another and all of creation.
Contact Person: Janet Gomoll
Contact Information: (email) 216-736-3809 (phone)

Group Name: Pacific Islander and Asian American Ministries
Title of the Event: Pacific Islander and Asian American Ministries Dinner
Description: Come to the Banquet!
Contact Person: Eppie Encabo
Contact Information: (email) 707-554-0786 (phone)

Group Name: Defiance College
Title of the Event: Defiance College Dinner
Description: Defiance College welcomes Alumni, the Ohio Conference of the UCC and Nationwide Friends and Partners to greet one another on the patio of the Columbian Café to hear about the exciting initiatives at Defiance College, an update  from Ohio Conference Minister Bob Molsberry, and a short presentation by DC faculty member Rev. Dr. Marian R. Plant, author of the book:  Faith Formation in Vital Congregations, part of the UCC Church Vitality Series.
Contact Person: Rev. David Plant
Contact Information: (email) 419-783-2572 (phone)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Group Name: Antoinette Brown Selection Committee
Title of the Event: Women in Ministry – Antoinette Brown Luncheon
Description: The Women in Ministry Lunch will honor the 2011 recipients of the Antoinette Brown Award. This is an opportunity to enjoy table fellowship, hear a distinguished speaker, and celebrate UCC women in Ministry.
Contact Person: Damaris Vélez
Contact Information (email) 216-736-3876 (phone)

Group Name: Eden Theological Seminary
Title of the Event: Eden Theological Seminary Lunch
Description: Join President David M. Greenhaw and other members of the Eden community for fellowship and a glimpse of Eden.
Contact Person: Kathy Thomas
Contact Information: (email) 314-918-2569 (phone)

Group Name: United Theological Seminary
Title of the Event: United Theological Seminary Lunch
Description: Join President Mary McNamara, alumni, and friends of United for conversation and highlights of the Seminary.
Contact Person: Julie Brown
Contact Information: (email) 651-255-6111 (phone)

Group Name: Christians for Justice Action
Title of the Event: Valerie Russell Lecture and Burning Bush Award Luncheon
Description: A celebration of the ongoing justice legacy of the UCC featuring a distinguished speaker and the presentation of the Burning Bush Award. Sponsored by Christians for Justice Action.
Contact Name: Ron Patterson
Contact information: (email) 239-253-1512 (phone)

Group Name: Pacific School of Religion
Title of the Event: Pacific School of Religion Luncheon for Alumni and Friends
Description: Pacific School of Religion warmly invites all Alumni/ae, Students, Prospective Students, and Friends, plus their spouses and partners, to join us around the table for lunch and the chance to reconnect with friends, make new ones, and learn about the news at PSR.
Contact Person: Tricia Wong
Contact Information: (email) 510-849-8263 (phone)

Group Name: Our Church's Wider Mission
Title of the Event: Our Church's Wider Mission Thank you Lunch
Description: Recognizing local churches for their leadership giving.
Contact Person: Tracy Carnes
Contact Information: (email) 216-736-3858 (phone)

Group Name: Yale Divinity School Alumni
Title of the Event: Yale Divinity School Luncheon
Description: Alumni Luncheon
Contact Person: Kira Gallick
Contact Information: (email) 203-432-5359 (phone)

Group Name: JWM, the COREM Health Table and UCAN
Title of the Event: Uncovering the Relationship Between Racism and Health
Description: JWM, the COREM Health Table, and UCAN invites you to join them and their guest Dr. Camara Phyllis Jones, Research Director on Social Determinants of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as she examines how the faith community can help eliminate racial disparities in health if we can begin to understand the fundamental causes of these racial disparities. In addition to exploring some of the social factors that affect individual and group health status, the luncheon will also focus on the impacts of racism on the health and wellbeing of the nation. Dr. Jones will illustrate how the experience of racism is comparable to the proper care and feeding of flowers with her renowned allegory "The Gardner's Tale."
Contact Person: Mike Schuenemeyer or Barbara Baylor
Contact Information: (email) 216-736-3217 (phone) (email) 216-736-3708 (phone)

Group Name: WCM Dinner
Title of the Event: Wider Church Ministries Dinner
Description: Wider Church Ministries Dinner
Contact Person: Melina Higbee
Contact Information (email) 216-736-3202 (phone)

Group Name: UCC Science & Technology
Title of the Event: UCC Science & Technology Dinner
Description: Join us for exciting reflections on technology & neuroscience in a dinner program geared for geeks and
wannabes. God and Computers with Ann Foerst, Keynoting on bringing spirituality into our high tech culture.
Contact Person: Kimberly Whitney
Contact Information: (email) 216-736-2112 (phone)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Group Name: Center of Progressive Renewal and LCM
Title of the Event: Seven Secrets Luncheon
Description: A fun exploration of the Seven Secrets of Progressive, Transformational Church Leadership.
Contact Person: David Schoen
Contact Information: (email) 216-736-3827 (phone)

Group Name: Council of Hispanic Ministries
Title of the Event: Council of Hispanic Ministries Sponsored Luncheon
Description: CHM invites all our friends and supporters for a time of fellowship and conversation while enjoying a delicious meal.
Contact Person: Candita Mattos
Contact Information: (email) 216-381-3127 (phone)

Group Name: Council for American Indian Ministry
Title of the Event: Council for American Indian Ministry Lunch
Description: Join us as we celebrate the Ministries of American Indians in the UCC.
Contact Person: Marlene Helgemo
Contact Information: (email) 612-721-4393 (phone)