Reports to General Synod

The Standing Rules of the Twenty-eighth General Synod require the implementing bodies of various resolutions adopted by previous Synods report back to the Twenty-eighth General Synod. Those resolutions requiring a report are found below.

Further, the various Councils created by General Synod action are invited to submit a report to each General Synod and those Councils choosing to submit a report may also be found below.

Report of the Twenty-eighth General Synod Nominating Committee
Report from the Chief Financial Officer
Report of the Executive Council
Report from the Council for Theological Education
Report from the Council for Higher Education
Report from the Historical Council
Report on A Call for a More Humane Immigration Policy
Report on A Call for Solidarity with the Persecuted in the Philippines, and an End to Extra-Judicial Killings and other Human Rights Violations
Report on A Call to Awareness and Action to End the Practice of Trafficking in Persons
Report on Affirming the Accra Confession: Covenanting for Justice in the Economy and the Earth (JWM & WCM)
Revised Report on the Implementation of the Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws as Voted by the Twenty-seventh General Synod
Report on Calling on President Barack Obama to Revisit and Re-Negotiate a More Humane, Democratic, and Ecologically Sound Version of the North American Free Trade Agreement
Report on Climate Change (JWM)
Report on Climate Change (WCM)
Report on Economic Justice Covenant Church
Report on Global Mission Church
Report on the Roles of Church and Government in Addressing the Global Food Crisis
Report on Toward Unified Governance of the National Setting of the UCC
Report on Worker Justice at Smithfield
Report on Salaries of the Covenanted, Affiliated and Associated Ministries
Report On Health Care for All
Report On Physician Aided Dying
Report On Responsible Meeting Practices
Report From Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries
Report From the Committee on Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations
Report Regarding Salaries


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