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Reports to General Synod

The Standing Rules of the General Synod require the implementing bodies of various resolutions adopted by previous Synods report back to the General Synod.

United Church of Christ Financial Report
Report of the Chief Financial Officer
Report on To Form a Theological Forum
Report on Affirming Health Care Coverage for United Church of Christ Authorized Ministers and Their Families
First Report of the Executive Council
Report on a Call for Reflection and Advocacy on Behalf of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Report on a Common Agreement on the Mutual Recognition of Baptism
Report on Actions of Hostilities Against Islam and the Muslim Community
Report on Amendments to the Constitution as Voted by the Twenty-eighth General Synod
Report on In Support of the Release of Puerto Rican Political Prisoners
Report on Mindful and Faithful Eating
Report on the Salaries of the Covenanted, Affiliated and Associated Ministries
Report on Supporting International Human Rights Related to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Report on the Defeated Bylaws Amendment on the Frequency of Synod
Report on the Right of LGBT Parents to Adopt Children
Report on U.S. Ratification of a Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
Report on Putting Our Money Where Our Values Are: Evaluating Church Financial Relationships

Contact Information
Mr. Lee Foley | Chief Administrative Officer | 700 Prospect Ave. | Cleveland,Ohio 44115 | 216-736-2192 | foleyl@ucc.org