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Minutes from Past General Synods
General Synod 29 - 2013
General Synod 27 - 2009
General Synod 26 - 2007
General Synod 25 - 2005
General Synod 24 - 2003
General Synod 23 - 2001
General Synod 22 - 1999 

Resolutions from Past General Synods
All adopted resolutions can be found in the following three indexes;

Alphabetical listing of General Synod resolutions (thru GS28)
Chronological listing of General Synod resolutions (thru GS28)
Subject listing of General Synod resolutions (thru GS28)

Resolutions adopted since the Twenty-second General Synod in 1999 may be found online, within the body of the Minutes of the respective Synod.  The text of resolutions adopted prior to the Twenty-second General Synod may be obtained by contacting the Common Services Ministry, Mr. Edward C. Cade, Archivist and Records Manger, United Church of Christ, 700 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115 or at cadee@ucc.org
Full resolutions in pdf format (Not a complete list, just the ones available in pdf. Check the lists and minutes above for a full listing.)

Access to excellent public schools a child's civil right in the 21st century
Access to the age of computer information
Actions of Hostility Against Islam
Advocating peace and reconciliation in the Korean Peninsula
Affirmation of Kirchengemeinschaft with the Union of Evangelical Churches (UEK) in Germany
Affirmation of the partnership with Council of Churches of Cuba
Affirmation of the Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the near east as a partner in mission
Affirming democratic principles in an emerging global economy
Affirming government's role to protect the common good
Affirming Diversity/Multi-Cultural Education in the Public Schools
Affirming Health Care Coverage For United Church of Christ Authorized Ministers and Their Families
Affirming the Accra Confession: Covenanting for Justice in the Economy and the Earth
Affirming the essential role of commissioned ministry as an authorized ministry of the United Church of Christ
Affirming the participation and ministry of transgender people within the United Church of Christ and supporting their civil and human rights
Against Depleted Uranium Weapons
Amendments to the Bylaws Related to Governance
Amendments to the Constitution Related to Governance
Amendment to the Proposed Changes to the Constitution and Bylaws
Amentities resolution I
Amentities resolution II
American Indian boarding schools
An alternative voice to Christian Zionism
An Economic Justice Covenant
An Urgent Call For Advocacy in Support of Healthcare For All, as in H.R. 676
Another world is possible
Call For A More Humane United States Immigration Policy
A Call for a Reflection and Advocacy on Behalf of the Democratic Republic of Congo
A Call for church wide support of OikoCredit USA
Call for staffing to address ecojustice concerns
A Call for Study of Our Church's Involvement in the Eugenics Movement
A Call for Solidarity with the Persecuted in the Philippines
Call for study on reparations for slavery
A Call for truth-telling and standards of ethics in public life
A Call to Awareness and Action to End the Practice of Trafficking in Persons
A Call To Be Global Mission Churches in the United Church of Christ
Calling on President Barack Obama to Revisit and Re-negotiate a More Humane, Democratic, and Ecologically Sound Version of the North American Free Trade Agreement
Called to wholeness in Christ becoming a church accessible to all
Calling on the United Church of Christ to renew the battle against racism in all of its guises
Calling the United Church of Christ to declare itslef a "fair trade" denomination
Calling for a more just, humane direction for economc globalization
Calling for a discussion of the worship life of the United Church of Christ and for worship resources and program initiatives
Calling For Comprehensive HIV Preventon in Church and Community
Calling for the close of the U.S. Army School of the Americas
Calling on the United Church of Christ to join the Decade to Overcome Violence
Calling the United Church of Christ to be an anti-racist church
Calling upon the United Church of Christ to initiate a jubilee for justice for the rural United States
Campaign finance reform
A Christian response to development in genetic technology
Church burnings
A Resolution on Climate Change
The Cloning of mammalian species
Common Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Baptism
Communion with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, The Presbyterian Church USA and the Reformed Church in America
Compassionate response to substance abuse
Conflict diamonds in Sierra Leone
Confronting racism and militarism in U.S.
A Covenant for Church Youth Ministries
Declaration of intention to work toward partnership between the Congregational Christian Church in American Samoa and the United Church of Christ
Democracy and human rights in Nigeria
Dialogue with Alliance of Baptists a partnership in mission and ministry
Disaster relief and undocumented persons
Emergency resolution to end the death of migrants on the United States-Mexico border by offering water in Christ's Name
The Epidemic of Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome on the continent of Africa
Extension of the structural transition implementation timeline
Fair and just compensation a report to the Twenty-First General Synod
Faith and community in the midst of extremism
A Faithful response calling for a more just, humane direction for economic globalization and plan of action
Female genital mutilation
Fidelity and integrity in all covenanted relationships
For the common good
Form a Theological Forum
Global nonviolence peaceforce
Health effects and impacts of tobacco on children, teenagers, and their families
Hope in a time of terror
In honor of Senator Paul Wellstone
In Support of Effective and Constructive Peacemaking Between Palestinians and Israelis Through Positive Investment in Palestine
In support of making fast food fair food
In support of ministries to our campuses of higher education
In support of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers boycott of Taco Bell
In Support of the Release of Puerto Rican Political Prisoners
Investigations into human rights violations in the Philippines
Jerusalem City of Life
A Justice Town Hall Gathering
Juvenile Justice
Legalization of Physician Aid in Dying
Mindful and Faithful Eating
Ministering to Those Struggling and Suffering in The Troubled Economy
Ministry issues forming and preparing pastoral leaders for God's church
A Mission statement for youth ministry and a mission statement for young adult ministry
Mutual respect within the faith community
In support of fair and just compensation for lay employees of the United Church of Christ
On Actions of Hostility Against Islam
Organ, tissue and blood donation
Our common calling providing the resources for the education of future ordained ministers in the United Church of Christ
Palestine Israel
Pastoral compensation
Pension supplementation for Native American ordained and licensed ministers
Preservation of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arickara languages of the three affiliated tribes
Prevention and reduction of seminarians' educational debt
Prison industrial complex
Program for essential conference ministry
Promoting peace for all in the Sudan
A Pronouncement on a United Church of Christ ministry and witness with Micronesians
Proposed substitute resolution concerning use of economic leverage in promoting peace in the Middle East
Putting Our Money Where Our Values Are: Evaluating Church Financial Relationships
Reaffirming Jesus Christ as our lord and savior and reaffirming our historic
Reaffirming our Commitment to Covenantal Relationships
Reaffirming the United Church of Christ's denouncement of violence against lesbian and gay people and calling for the inclusion of transgender people within that anti-violence statement
Reclaiming the church's ministry of health and healing
Reclaiming the role of pastor as teacher
Recognize 2007 as a Sabbath Year
Recommendation to the churches for a new relationship - Churches Uniting in Christ
Redistributing tax rebates to the poor
Regarding the Tar Creek Superfund Site
Religious freedom for native Hawaiian prisoners
Renewed by God's spirit affirming God's presence and power in the life of the United Church of Christ
Renewing the Covenant with the Rural Church
Report of action taken at the 1997 meeting of the Calvin Synod Conference
Resolution for Mindful and Faithful Eating
Resolution in support of a new trial for Maurice Carter
Resolution in support of equal marriage rights for all for General Synod 25
Resolution justice and peace in Asia and the Pacific
A Resolution to Form a Theological Commission Renamed 'A Resolution to Form a Theological Forum'
Responsible Meeting Practice
Restorative justice principles for reform of the criminal justice system
The Right of LBGT Parents to Adopt and Raise Children
Roles of Church and Government in Addressing the Global Food Crisis
Sacred Conversations On Race
Saving Social Security from privatization
Securities and Exchange Commission shareholder resolution policy
Solidarity and Friendship With Iran
A Statement on convergence in matters of theology and practice between the Alliance of Baptists and the United Church of Christ
Support for federally funded research on embryonic stem cells
Support for Calhoun County, Alabama and citizens of communities living near chemical weapons plants
Supporting International Human Rights Related to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Supreme Court Justice nomination
Tear Down the Wall
A Theological response to corporate greed
To advance the cause of the most disadvantaged in the budgetary and appropriation process
To explore the implications of our dietary choices
To end the presence of the United States Navy in the municipality of Vieques, Puerto Rico
To support Colombian Churches and leaders under attack
Toward a new vision of giving
Transforming the Church House
The United Church of Christ - Thirty years of faithful accompaniment with farm workers
The United Church of Christ and the Boy Scouts of America
Toward Unified Governance for the National Setting of the United Church of Christ
U.S. policy in the Middle East
U.S. Ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
United Church of Christ support for the International Criminal Court
Welfare reform
Withdrawal of U.S. bases from Okinawa
Worker Justice at Smithfield
Young adult ministries in the United Church of Christ

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