Synod speaks to the issues

Synod speaks to the issues

September 30, 2001
Written by Staff Reports

Historically, the UCC's General Synod has given voice to a number of issues relevant to the events of Sept. 11. These include:

Peace Priority General Synod 13 (6/30/81)—Calls for enlisting all parts of the church in study and action to develop policies and programs to resolve global tensions, reverse economic dependence on arms production, reverse the arms race, and prohibit the development and use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

Just Peace Church General Synod 15 (7/1/85)—Affirms the UCC to be a Just Peace Church; defines Just Peace as the interrelation of friendship, justice, and common security from violence; outlines the elements of a Just Peace theology; places the UCC General Synod in opposition to the institution of war and affirms support for the United Nations.

Flag as Symbolic Speech General Synod 17 (7/4/89)—Affirms deep respect for the U.S. flag as a treasured symbol of democratic values; calls upon American people to recognize its communicative power; deplores abuse of flag but affirms the right to use the flag as symbolic expression, even when abhorrent to the vast majority; opposes Constitutional amendment to restrict freedom of expression or which exalts the flag as the only symbol that may not be used as a means of political expression.

Support for Armed Forces Personnel General Synod 18 (1991)—Declares its care, support and appreciation for the men and women of our Armed Forces; encourages congregations and members to care for members of the Armed Forces and their loved ones; urges support for conscientious objectors.

Violence in our Society General Synod 20 (7/3/95)—Calls on all local churches, Conferences and Associations to become involved in ending the violence in our society; calls on UCC members to advocate for public policy programs which address the root causes of violence and poverty; encourages each local church to organize its own peace action team to develop resources for alternative entertainment activities and family violence awareness and prevention curriculum.

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