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Notice of Revisions to the General Synod Standing Rules

Pursuant to Rule 50 of the Standing Rules of the Twenty-seventh General Synod, you are hereby advised of significant changes to those rules governing the administration of the meeting. The Standing Rules of the Twenty-seventh General Synod, as approved April 14, 2008 by the Executive Council, are available online on the UCC website (linked on the left here).

Of particular note, you will find many of the dates and deadlines for submission of business items have been changed. An effort has been made to highlight all deadlines set forth in the Standing Rules. Please also note a change in rules requiring that all proposed business items, including Proposed Pronouncements, Proposals for Action, Resolutions and Other Formal Motions, all reports required of or to the General Synod, petitions for Voice without Vote and any and all other business must be submitted electronically to the Office of General Ministries at

Questions regarding the rules or questions about the submission of business items may be addressed to the United Church of Christ, Attn: Mr. Lee Foley, Minister for Governing Body Relations, 700 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115, or, or 216-736-2192.

Lee Foley
April 24, 2008
Minister for Governing Body Relations


Reports on Previous Synod Actions and Report of the Executive Council
Reports on Previous Synod Actions and Report of the Executive Council

Proposed Constitution and Bylaw Changes
Background Information
Proposed Constitution Changes
Proposed Bylaw Changes
Affected Articles for Ministry Issues

Nominations and Elections
Nominees for Officers and Executive Ministers
Report of the Nominating Committee
Report of the Nominating for Moderator and Assistant Moderator

Financial Information
Report of the Chief Financial Officer

Proposed Resolutions
Proposed Resolutions

Single Governance Background
Single Governance Resolutions Memo
Restructure Oversight Report
Governance Follow-up Team Report of September 2008


General Synod Registrar
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115