General Synod Candle Cloth Project

Immersed in Prayer - Covenant of Prayer Partnerships

Every local church represented by a delegate or visitor at General Synod 2009, Grand Rapids, MI, can be involved in a special Covenant of Prayer Partnership opportunity.  By preparing a prayer and a quilted fabric candle cloth, the local church will share them with everyone at General Synod and, in particular, with another local UCC church.  Prayer partnerships will occur between the various local church families as the prayers and candle cloths are exchanged before General Synod ends.

More details about the project and instructions for creating the candle cloth will be shared once a congregation submits the Covenant of Prayer Partnership form (below). Please do so by April 1st, 2009. Once the Covenant form is completed and submitted, the "Thank You" page will appear.  Attached will be all the details and instructions needed.

Let your local church be a part of the General Synod Covenant of Prayer Partnerships and be immersed in prayer with other churches.

Candle Cloth Project Participation Form

Thank you for joining in this prayerful project!

By creating a candle cloth, you will be joining in an immersion experience, an immersion in prayer and connection with others. Once you submit the Covenant of Prayer Partnership form, by April 1st, you will receive:

• a prayer ritual for use as you begin the project;
• details about creating a prayer from your church;
• instructions for your candle cloth (approx. 14-20" square);
• a quilt label for the back of the candle cloth. labels will be sent in April, asap

In making a candle cloth, you will also receive one in exchange from another local church.

All candle cloths will be displayed at General Synod, June 26-30, in Grand Rapids, MI. Plans are being made for a reception for all of the congregations who contributed a candle cloth to the display. If you sent a candle cloth, you will receive one to take home to your congregation., providing a prayer partnership with another local congregation.

Along with the prayer on the label of your partner church’s candle cloth, you will also receive a booklet of all the prayers created for the Immerse Yourself in Prayer project. Please be sure someone from your congregation attends the reception so that your congregation receives the new candle cloth from a sister UCC congregation.

The name of the person attending the reception and receiving your candle cloth should be included on this Candle Cloth Covenant of Prayer Partnership Form.

NO candle cloths will be mailed out following General Synod.


Rev. Susan Towner-Larsen
Minister for Conference Relations
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115