Struggling back from Superstorm Sandy

Struggling back from Superstorm Sandy

October 30, 2012
Written by Connie Larkman

It's been almost 48 hours since a superstorm named Sandy swept up the Atlantic coast of the United States, leaving a path of destruction and death across 17 states from the Carolinas to Maine.  Millions remain without power, with the reach of the storm still being measured today, as people in Sandy's path get out to determine the damage left behind.

Sandy closed the United Church of Christ Church House Tuesday, which is why KYeP is coming today.  In the greater Cleveland, Ohio area, home of the UCC national offices, more than 177,000 people remain without power as a result of the storm's high winds and rain.

Reports are trickling in from our conferences and our churches touched by the devastating storm. Early indications from the Central Atlantic Conference and the Connecticut Conference say that bad as it's been, it could have been far worse.

However, our congregations aren't without problems.  The Rev. Dan Fleming, pastor of Community UCC in Margate, N.J., just down the road from Atlantic City, is waiting to be able to return to the island community to assess the damage to his church.  In an e-mail yesterday to Central Atlantic Conference Minister John Deckenback, Fleming reported that the eye of the storm passed over Margate and Community UCC.  The people were all evacuated, and while no one has been able to return to access the building, the church is just one block from the beach.  Firemen indicate the church is intact but pictures show a lot of sand and waist-deep water around the buildings.

The UCC's National Disaster Ministries is already working to assist those hit hard by the storm.

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