Comma celebration: Partygoers end Suncoast Saturday in Stillspeaking style

Comma celebration: Partygoers end Suncoast Saturday in Stillspeaking style

July 02, 2011
Written by Rebecca Woods

Room 21 of the Convention Center was packed with voices Saturday night — Stillspeaking Voices, that is.

Delegates and visitors wearing at least one Stillspeaking article were admitted into the party where they found themselves enjoying good food, music, and an opportunity to visit with others who shared their excitement about the United Church of Christ’s Stillspeaking Ministry.

“It’s about celebrating Stillspeaking fun,” said Felix Carrion, Stillspeaking Ministry Coordinator.

Some of the party guests found themselves rocking to the music of United Voices of Praise, while others stopped at the photo booth to pose for a picture or two, while holding up UCC letters, a comma and even a bubble in which they could write their own message.

Trivia contest winners received Stillspeaking identity prizes for being the first with answers to questions like in what year the Stillspeaking initiative started (2004) and who is considered the father of Stillspeaking (Ron Buford).

And, since most of the guests present had already signed up for the new Stillspeaking Voices initiative, which is an opportunity for UCC members to renew their distinctive voices as people of welcome, justice and passion for the Gospel, prizes were also given to the first ten people to show their Stillspeaking Voices pin.

“Tonight was an opportunity to celebrate everything Stillspeaking in the United Church of Christ,” said Carrion.


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