UCC Announces Plans to Continue Stillspeaking Magazine

UCC Announces Plans to Continue Stillspeaking Magazine

November 08, 2012
Written by Staff Reports

Recently, the United Church of Christ conducted a comprehensive evaluation of its award-winning bi-annual publication, Stillspeaking Magazine.  The evaluation included a survey of current subscribers, review of the magazine’s finances, and overall assessment of its objectives and goal achievement. 

The subscriber survey indicated that while most are highly satisfied with the magazine’s articles and photos, the look and feel of the magazine, and the stories it tells about UCC members, some raised questions about the expense of producing such a high-end product.  The survey, part of this planned review of the publication, helped firm up Publisher Ann Poston’s promise of better stewardship and a continued commitment to the quality of content for Stillspeaking Magazine.

The all-encompassing evaluation showed that while there is a desire and need for a printed publication on behalf of the denomination—and the magazine’s costs are still significantly lower than the historical expenses of the printed United Church News—the magazine does not currently reach a large enough audience for its high level of production expenses.

“Our initial subscribers took a leap of faith with us when StillSpeaking Magazine was launched, and we value and appreciate their input,” said Poston, the UCC’s director of communication. “After careful analysis, we are happy to announce that we are renewing our commitment to the magazine through 2014.  Since many of our subscribers will see an end to their subscription this year—after the Fall/Winter 2012 issue—we are inviting our readers to renew for two-years (4 issues) for $19.99.”

Poston also indicated that the magazine's editorial team is currently examining the publication's layout and content in order to maintain the high-quality writing and design that subscribers have come to expect as they work to reduce printing and design costs. The magazine will also continue to become more interactive, with the addition of unique online content in coming issues.

Stillspeaking Magazine’s sixth issue (Fall/Winter 2012), in the mail this week to subscribers, kicks off this renewal campaign.  Visit ucc.org/magazine to learn more.

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