Stewardship Resources

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Congregational Stewardship

Annual Stewardship Theme Materials
Newly designed every year, these colorful, coordinated materials based on scripture can greatly help your congregation with its annual stewardship effort. Materials include full-color poster, four motivational bulletin inserts (including giving chart), worship folder, letterhead and envelope, note card, and commitment cards. Check out these new materials: 2014 Stewardship Theme Materials




Electronic Giving
The automated giving program of the United Church of Christ makes it easy for church members to give to their local congregation via electronic transfer of funds. Learn all about it order "A Church Guide to Electronic Giving." "Giver's Guide" also available - makes introducing your congregation to electronic giving easy with a brochure that answers most frequently asked questions about this method of giving regularly and faithfully, even when we're away from our home church. Giving cards are also available, for electronic givers to place in offering plate.Free.


Every Sunday Bulletins
Full-color Sunday bulletins with United Church of Christ mission stories on the back covers. Two sizes in lots of 25. For price information and ordering call 888-512-3966 or go to Sunday Bulletin Service.  Here is a Brochure in PDF format.

God's Gifts, My Gifts
Teaches that God is the source of who we are and what we have, and is our model for being generous and faithful. Elementary-age children will have fun in class or at home using these five colorful and snappy foldout sheets with individual and group activities, including scriptural texts and prayers to reinforce the church; personal decisions, loving God, self, and others. Use for confirmation and new member classes. Set includes five active lessons: Share Love With Your Offering (available as a single sheet for $.75 each), Seek God with Your Whole Heart, Rooted in Love, Love is the Greatest, Dare 2BU. Set of all five activity sheets plus stickers: 1-10 sets, $5.00 each; 11-25 sets, $4.50 each; 26 or more sets, $4.00 each.

How Much Shall I Give?
A brochure to help church members think about what percentage of their income to give to the church's work. Also available in Spanish. $3.00/50.

Inspiring Generosity 
A Stewardship Resource for the Local Church
This resource looks at ways to understand and approach money and mission realistically, given the changing conditions in congregations of the United Church of Christ today. Intended for use by lay leaders as well as clergy, it includes the theological background on the motivation for giving, as well as four programmatic approaches to fundraising in the church.

Our Church Is 5 for 5!
Is your church 5 for 5? If you contribute to all four special mission offerings in the UCC (One Great Hour of Sharing, Strengthen the Church, Neighbors in Need, The Christmas Fund) and give to Our Church's Wider Mission Basic Support, then your church is 5 for 5! Celebrate this with a 16" x 32" poster that says "Our Church is 5 for 5!" and stickers (1" x 2") that say "My church is 5 for 5!" Free.

7 Ways to Increase Giving in Your Congregation
Good ideas and lively conversation-starters for your stewardship committee, trustees, and other church leaders. Basics of stewardship in a condensed, easy-to-use brochure. Free.

Stewards in the Household of God
Stewardship is not just for the Fall anymore, and it's never been just about money. Whether it's care for God's creation, attention to our families and relationships, making the most of talents and skills, or being responsible and generous with our's all stewardship. And it's all the time. Introduce the concept of year-round stewardship in your congregation.
By Doris Powell $6.95 each; $4.95 each for 3 or more copies.

Stewardship MessagesOnline!
In tough times giving can be difficult for people…even people of faith. Use these messages monthly to offer an inspiring, biblically-based reflection in your newsletter, on your bulletin board, your website, or use as an insert in your giving statement or Sunday Bulletin. Free

Stewardship Quotes on UCC Weekly Offering Envelopes
Provide a biblical or theological perspective on stewardship every Sunday of the year. Order by calling 800.634.5235.

The Big Secret of Giving: Hidden Treasures in Life and Church, A Stewardship Devotional
A 30-day devotional for church members, stewardship and finance leaders and pastors. Daily devotional readins to encourage generous, faithful giving. Written by William Green who has served in the local, Conference, and national settings of the United Church of Christ. $3 each; $1.50 each for orders of 50 or more.

The Gifting God
This compact, 5-session group study based closely on the Bible will break open the subject of giving for everyone-
no matter how much or how little they are currently giving. Excellent for small groups, for ysing one session at a time with committees (especially stewardship or finance committees, and trustees). Also very effective as a personal Bible study/devotion, especially together with The Big Secret of Giving: Hidden Treasures in Life and Church, A Stewardship Devotional. Single copies $2 or $1 each for 50 or more.

United Church of Christ Desk Calendar and Plan Book
Pastors and church leaders alike find this calendar/plan book helpful in the planning of worship, promotion of offerings, and interpretation of mission. United Church of Christ resources and staff are also listed. $18.

What Scripture Says about Giving
This brief brochure for distribution to all church members looks at the question of how much to give to the work of the church and why. Also available in Spanish. $3.00/50.

Special Mission Offerings

Our Church's Wider Mission Basic Support