Children and Youth Ideas

Children and Youth Ideas

Activity Ideas for Youth and Children

  1. Hold a contest to design a mission theme for a mural that will help the church to grow. Have a wall that could be used for the mural, perhaps, a church wall or Sunday School wall. Deadline: Pentecost Sunday After the service, winners will be announced.

  2. Borrow or rent flags to display in the sanctuary or narthex. Invite youth to make a banner that says: "Multi-Racially – Multi-Culturally We Strengthen the Church".

  3. Present youth with an assignment for 30 days to collect prayer requests from people they meet for thirty days. They compile these requests into a banner. Have the youth read the prayer requests during Pentecost Sunday either in Sunday School of the Worship Service.

  4. Have youth burn a CD of songs reflecting the Still Speaking God. Play or sing along on Pentecost Sunday.

  5. Before Pentecost Sunday, assign youth to collect in varied languages John 3:16. Ask volunteers who want to recite the verse in another language. If the church is multicultural/racial, then, let them say it in their heritage language.

  6. Have youth recycle old VHS and DVD'S.  Ask church members to donate them. Sell them on Sundays. Some churches might even consider renting them versus buying, yet another way to recycle and think "green."  The monies raised go to mission offering.

  7. Ask children to paint or draw a picture with a mission theme related to building up the church. Reproduce the art work and insert it in the church bulletin on Pentecost Sunday.

  8. Order butterflies a month before Pentecost Sunday. On Pentecost Sunday, after the church service, ask the assistance of the youth to gather the congregation outside instructing them to form a large circle.  The pastor announces that they are going to release x number of butterflies. The youth hand each person one butterfly.  Everyone must wait to release the butterfly until the very last person is given one.  With the pastor leading this activity, butterflies are released.  This can truly be a meaningful experience as we lift our prayers for our hopes of strengthening the church!  Butterflies could be ordered at this website:  Fragrant Acres Butterfly Releases Phone number (866) 359-6265.

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