Soapbox: Got gratitude?

Soapbox: Got gratitude?

August 31, 2006
Written by Daniel Hazard

It's time to get on your soapbox. United Church News wants to hear from you.

Let's take a momentary pause from our well-demonstrated "culture of critique" - as the UCC's Ron Buford has dubbed it - and practice the art of thanks. It's time to dig deep and uncover some heartfelt appreciation.

In 75 words or less, tell what you love about being UCC. Offer a word of gratitude to a helpful mentor. Share how a UCC person, a General Synod stance or a meaningful worship experience touched you. Remind us how "covenant" aided you or your church during a time of crisis.

We'll need your short, succinct responses just after Labor Day, September 4, in order to be considered for the next issue. Send to with "Soapbox" in the subject line. Or mail to "Soapbox" at United Church News, 700 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115-1100. Remember to include your name, local church and city/state.

"Soapbox" is a periodic compilation of reader responses to specific topics or questions. As always, United Church News reserves the right to edit your submissions for brevity and clarity.  

Please review our Community Guidelines before posting a comment. If you have any questions, contact us.

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