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Sharing Calendar Instructions

The Sharing Calendar was designed to be used along with the coin box. Coin boxes may be ordered from the UCC Bookstore by calling 1-800-325-7061 or emailing UCCRORDERS@ucc.org, so please order your supplies in advance of your desired starting date. 

Place the Sharing Calendar in a prominent place where each person in the family has access to it. Decide if you will save or put your money in one bank, or order banks for each individual in your household/group.

Use the Sharing Calendar as a daily giving devotion. It can help us in our desire to help people suffering from disaster, conflict, and chronic poverty.

At a time appropriate for your household, read the theme and scripture for One Great Hour of Sharing. This year our theme is “More than we can imagine” and the Scripture Reference is Ephesians 3:14-21. Invite each member of your household to describe one instance of how they have shared with someone else since the last daily giving devotion. On the first day you might express why participating in the offering is important to do as a family/group.  Read the day’s entry in the sharing calendar. Discuss the situation described and its relationship to you/your household/your group. Consider your contribution for the day and add it to your offering box. To make this simple, you may decide to name the unit you will use throughout the entire calendar, (i.e. a quarter, a dime, or a dollar).

Pray for the people and situations highlighted in the sharing calendar, and for the people you will meet in the course of your daily activities. And remember, when it comes to our giving, and sharing, together our gifts can mean a world of difference for people and communities in the midst of a crisis. God uses us and our gifts in ways beyond our imaginations.

Dear God,

Thank you for your grace and mercy, your compassion and your love. Thank you for the many blessings you have given to us. [Each member of the household names a blessings each day].  We pray that you would show us ways that we might share with others, and allow us to be with them in their times of need. Give us generous hearts that overflow with gratitude and joy.

Today we pray especially for [the day’s highlighted group or situation]. May our One Great Hour of Sharing gifts be a blessing to them, and remind us all of the ways that you are working in our world and in our lives.  In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Remember to take your offering box to church on the day when the One Great Hour of Sharing offering will be received.  “Sometimes you and I are the channels of God’s love and grace to the world in need.”

Mark Pickett, OGHS contributor


Individuals should take their offering to their local church on the day of the
One Great Hour of Sharing Offering.

Each church then sends their donation(s) to its UCC Conference Office, clearly marked for One Great Hour of Sharing. The Conference will forward it with gifts from other congregations to our office at: 700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland Ohio 44115-1100.

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