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UCC Hayward CA Worship Service

A Blessing of Intelligence

Deep Abundance Sermon, Rev. Deborah Streeter, Chair of UCC STN shares reflections on the influence of the UCC scientist, Dr. Charles Townes, and her experience interviewing Townes at the Pacific School of Religion Chapel recently.  Dr. Charles Townes is a member of First Congregational, Berkeley, whose ministries include Berkeley students and the broader community.

God and Darwin  Evolution: Web of Life and Love,
Evolution and Christianity, a sermon by Rev. John A. Mills

God is Still Speaking in Science and Technology, Rev. Dr. Ronald Cole-Turner of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary gave the 5th Annual Townes Lecture at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the United Church of Christ in Hartford. His inspiring religious and scientific reflections included themes from this UCC Wisconsin Annual Conference address.

Study Guides and Articles

Teaching Evolution in Public School Science Classes, by Jan
Ressenger, Justice and Witness Ministries

Stem Cell Church Study Guide and Neglected Issues in Stem Cell Ethics & Theology Powerpoint, a study guide offering a format for an Adult Education session of 1 ½ - 2 hours. Groups are encouraged to dig deeply and to engage one another in dialogue.  The accompanying powerpoint by Rev. Dr. Karen Lebacqz and Dr. Christie Holland, was prepared for our General Synod Workshop with Dr. Olivia White. Church Study guide designed by Rev. Catriona Grant, Ph.D.

End of Life Care, in Christian education settings and in the pulpit, the church has both been a leader and needs to reclaim its leadership in bioethical and spiritual reflection, especially for health care professionals and those facing the deaths of themselves or their loved ones. By Dr. Bruce Epperly and Rev. John A. Mills. 

Social Networking: a new frontier for the Church, social networking sites and online communities may be the new frontier for evangelism in United Church of Christ—and the UCC is ahead of the curve. In 2006 the Congregational Vitality Initiative launched—a virtual community for seekers and members of the church. The community gathers at 9 p.m. (Eastern) every night for real-time prayer and invites visitors into a multimedia introduction to the church. At 1,500 members and growing, it’s now the second most used website in the UCC.  Read about this trend and the danah boyd lecture at the UCC General Synod in Hartford, including Cole-Turner's Townes Lecture comments on the emerging role of information technologies in church and society.

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