The Middle of Everywhere

The Middle of Everywhere

In The Middle of Everywhere, Mary Pipher helps us connect to the newest members of the American family—refugees.  People who have fled some of the most oppressive regimes in the world live next door now, in Pipher’s Lincoln, Nebraska, and in every town across this country.

Lost Boys of Sudan, Kosovo survivors, refugees from the Taliban, Vietnamese families:  they come with nothing but the desire to fulfill the American dream.  Their endurance in the face of tragedy and their ability to hold on to the essential virtues of family, love, and joy, are a tonic for all Americans.  Their stories will make you laugh and weep, and they will give you a deeper understanding of the wider world in which we live.


“One of our greatest needs as a nation,” writes Pipher, “is to understand how other people see us.”  Filling her book with stories that show us how people from different countries and religious traditions view us, Pipher once again opens our eyes—and our hearts—to those with whom we share the future.  Working in schools, social service agencies, and homes as a cultural broker, teacher and therapist, Mary Pipher has once again put her finger on the heartbeat of America.



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