Opening Doors

Opening Doors

 How to Help Opening Doors, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in helping Opening Doors, Inc. serve the needs of refugees and human trafficking victims within our Sacramento Community. You can help by:

Becoming a Volunteer

  • Prepare Welcome Kits- Prepare gifts of basic goods as a welcome present for Refugees and Human Trafficking Victims that are new to our Sacramento community. Through these gifts the individuals will feel a sense of encouragement and support in their new homes.
  • Volunteer Mover to Set Up Refugee Homes-Opening Doors Inc. needs help moving furniture into the new homes of incoming refugee families within the Sacramento Region.
  • Adopt a Refugee Family Program-Introduce a newly arrived refugee family to the city and resources of Sacramento.
  • Language Ally Tutoring Program-Help a newly arrived refugee succeed in their English as a Second Language Class. Your help will make your new friend more competitive and self sufficient in Sacramento's job market.

Donating Resources

  • Material Donations-Donate furniture in good condition to provide basic necessities for Refugees and Human Trafficking Victims that are new to Sacramento.

* We appreciate if you are able to transport your donation to us*

  • Monetary Donations-  
    • On our Website
    • Mail Donations to:  2118 K Street Sacramento, CA 9581

Becoming a Volunteer Intern

  • * 6-month volunteer internship requiring a 16 hours/week commitment*
  • Interns enjoy the experience of participating in
  • a vibrant, capable team, creating change in the lives of people
  • who are striving to reach their dreams.

 Interns gain invaluable practical experience in areas such as:

·  Case Management Assistance for Trafficking Victums
·  Case Management Assistance for Refugee Resettlement
·  Business Development
·  Community Development
·  Database Management
·  Advocacy and Policy Making
·  Website Design
·  Program Management
·  Event Coordinating
·  Intern and Volunteer Coordinating
·  Grant Writing

YOU can Help Refugees and Human Trafficking Victims Start their New Lives!

Let us know how you would like to help!

·       Email ODI which volunteer opportunities interest you and we will send you more 
        information and an Application to (Attn: Volunteer
·       Website
·       By Mail or Drop-in 2118 K Street Sacramento, CA 95816
·       Phone: (916) 492-2591     Fax: (916) 492-2628