Refugees & Internally Displaced - Africa

Middle East Refugees

Unaccompanied Child Refugees in the United States from Central America

More than 15.5 million people around the world are refugees – uprooted from their countries by persecution and armed conflict.  Internally displaced persons within their own nations from similar circumstances increase that number exponentially. Migration and immigration are among the biggest issues for the global population in the twenty-first century. Through One Great Hour of Sharing, you are involved in solutions.


Unaccompanied Child Refugees

GIVE generously to children fleeing violence in Central America and seeking safety in the U.S.  UCC members, congregations, wider church and partner organizations have a long-term commitment to the just and loving treatment of neighbors at our national borders and beyond.  The UCC, from the beginning of the recent surge in the arrival of children from Central America, has been present and organizing others in key places to respond.

Refugee Resettlement in the USA  


Through OGHS, refugees who resettle to the United States are received with dignity and adequate support and refugees worldwide are protected and assisted.
Volunteer Services Increase Capacity of Organizations to Respond  

Long-term (Partners in Service) volunteers and Global Ministries missionaries and global mission interns build the capacity of organizations within the United States and with global partner churches and organizations to engage in refugee and immigration ministry.  Apply today to serve within the United States or to serve globally.
Forcibly and Internally Displaced Persons  



Through OGHS, refugees and other forcibly displaced persons around the world gain access to essential services, protection and durable solutions. UCC/Disciples Global Ministries partner churches and organizations work on-the-ground with refugees and internally displaced persons in their regions.  CWS reaches hundreds of thousands of forcibly displaced persons each year, helping them lead safe, healthy, dignified and productive lives wherever they are, while assisting the most vulnerable refugees to apply for third-country resettlement.  

Action of Churches Together (ACT Alliance)
 responds to emergency situations where peoples have been forcibly displaced.

In 2014, the UCC has responded specifically to Refugee Relief in: 
•    Congo Brazzaville (Political Unrest / Refugees: 2014)
•    Democratic Republic of Congo (Political Unrest / Refugees: 2014)
•    Darfur (Internal Conflict: 2014)
•    South Sudan (Conflict / Violence: 2014)
•    Kenya (South Sudan Refugees: 2014)
•    Nigeria (War / Violence: 2014)
•    Gaza & West Bank (War / Violence: 2014)
•    Syria (Conflict: 2013)


Legal Services for Refugees & Immigrants  
Through OGHS, refugees, entrants and other immigrants to the United States receive resettlement services, legal counsel and spiritual care. Immigration Legal Services help immigrants and refugees who meet the requirements apply for U.S. citizenship, or an eligible DREAMer apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The Religious Services Program of Church World Service provides immigration detainees in federally operated facilities with spiritual care for in their own faith traditions.