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Worship The UCC  engages in support for asylum seekers because of and through the lens of faith.  Worship, ritual and theological articulation are central to...

December 19, 2018 Congressman Tom McClintock: As a constituents and persons of faith, we are profoundly saddened and shocked by the violence perpetrated against those...

Display this 18”x24” plastic lawn sign in your church’s front yard, on the side of your building or wherever you see fit to share the...

The United Church of Christ partner Church World Service has released a press release regarding President Trump and the setting of the refugee goal for...

"A UCC minister in Columbus, Ohio is one of several faith leaders and local lawmakers standing in solidarity with members of the refugee community Thursday...

From our refugee resettlement partner Church World Service:"The Trump administration has just set the refugee admissions goal for next fiscal year at 30,000 - the lowest...


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