Refugee Updates

Temporary Protected Status of El Salvadorans

United Church of Christ, First Congregational in Crete, Nebraska reached out to offer assistance in the form of two clinics on information regarding Temporary Protected Status. On Jan. 8, 2018 Secretary of Homeland Security Kirsten M. Nielsen announced that the Department of Homeland Security would be terminating the Temporary Protected Status classifications for 200,000 El Salvador holders. 

CWS decries White House plan to divide immigrants and harm DREAM-ers

CWS urges White House to end its anti-immigrant agenda

Refugee Justice Sunday - June 18

UCC Refugee Justice Sunday is coming, June 18. Get ready. #UCCRefugeeJustice

Faith Sign-On Letter, Urge Congress & DHS to Protect Our Haitian Neighbors!

Right now, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is considering whether or not to extend the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) of Haitians in the United States, which is set to expire on July 22, 2017. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is recommending that the United States end TPS for Haitians altogether in January 2018.

ACTION ALERT: Stop DHS From Deporting Somalis

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has recently apprehended, detained and deported Somali individuals back to their home country. These Somalis are asylum seekers, asylees, and refugees who have fled persecution and tragedy. 

UCC leaders champion 'resilient' refugees, celebrate blocked travel ban

Hope trumps fear as President Donald Trump's rewritten refugee ban slated to take effect Thursday, March 16 is blocked, stopped by a federal restraining order that contends religious discrimination.

New Hampshire UCC seeks to support Syrian refugees through races

Tucked away in the southeast corner of New Hampshire, Community Church of Durham has been putting its shoulders behind the effort to help Syrian refugees who've come to the United States for safety. The United Church of Christ congregation is ramping up efforts ahead of the UCC's One Great Hour of Sharing mission offering, looking to raise money that supports local athletes at home — while supporting a critical humanitarian cause abroad.

Group wants to bring at least one refugee family to Mason City

MASON CITY | More than 50 people gathered this week to start making plans for welcoming one or more refugee families to Mason City.

UCC leaders condemn revised White House travel ban

Despite a revised version of the White House's executive order on travel restrictions for citizens of six predominately Muslim-majority nations, United Church of Christ leaders remain committed to keeping America's doors open to refugees and immigrants.

UCC joins ecumenical effort to safeguard immigrants, refugees

A battle over an anticipated revision to the White House's travel ban is building up in ecumenical circles. The United Church of Christ is adding its voice to a new nationwide effort of three dozen faith groups in support of refugees that responds to the needs of the most vulnerable and seeks to restore their hopes for resettling in the United States.