United Church of Christ

NY clergy, lawmakers join forces to push for accountability around care of immigrant children

New York faith leaders, fighting to change the federal government's immigration policies, have teamed up with attorneys and state lawmakers aiming to hold the federal government accountable for immigrant children taken from their parents. It's a move of moral leadership; one that UCC clergy and the New Sanctuary Coalition in Manhattan hope catches on across the country.

Commentary: Environmental Justice and Human Rights – Solidarity!

The Rev. Jim Antal is dedicated to climate justice. He writes, "Human rights and environmental justice go hand in hand. One way or another, most of the defenders of human rights are up against one form or another of environmental assault and exploitation. It's time for America to face up to the fact that human rights violations are not 'somebody else's problem.'" 

This Little Light

It is hard to believe that the 2018-midterm elections are just over three months away, and we will soon be in the thick of a presidential election campaign in 2019.

3 Great Loves prompts youth to put faith in action at ERYE

Ask and you shall receive. In the age of social media, 3 Great Loves and through the generosity of 325 youth and young adults at the United Church of Christ Eastern Regional Youth Event (ERYE), a request for Bibles from a small North Dakota church has been immediately fulfilled.

Blackmon takes message of love, faith to Carter Center Human Rights Forum

The United Church of Christ's Rev. Traci Blackmon shared a message of love, equality, determination and hope with a global gathering of human rights defenders at the Carter Center in Atlanta on Tuesday, July 24.

UCC advocates arrested in St. Louis speaking out on behalf of their neighbors

Several United Church of Christ clergy and lay leaders were arrested during an interfaith call for justice outside the Federal Building in St. Louis, Mo., on Thursday.

Hope Station Nogales to provide reverse sanctuary to deportees in Mexico

A United Church of Christ sanctuary church offering immigrants refuge in the Arizona borderlands will soon be offering a place of hospitality, support and hope on the Mexican side of the border for people who find themselves deported from the United States.

As Toilet Paper Pyramid goes up on Long Island, so does awareness

As a pyramid of toilet tissue took shape in the street outside a United Church of Christ sanctuary in Long Island, N.Y., it drew the attention of scores of people in the local community – to the growing structure rising from the ground on July 19, and to very real issues of homelessness and domestic violence.

The UCC and the people of Indian country mourn Pastor Byron Buffalo

The United Church of Christ is mourning the death of a dedicated pastor and inspirational leader in the Dakota Association UCC.

Commentary: Love of Children

In an effort to embody and incarnate our commitment to love God with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength and to build a just world for all, the United Church of Christ has called for us all to participate in the Three Great Loves campaign.