United Church of Christ

OPTIC team ties together marketing and philanthropy to amplify UCC voice

OPTIC – the Office of Philanthropy, Technology, Identity and Communication – is a team at the UCC National Setting which combines communications and marketing with philanthropy and stewardship to advance the denomination's mission through integrated marketing, communications and fund development.

Faithful Witness at the Border calling participants from across UCC

Organizers of a call to action at the United States-Mexico border in support of immigrant rights are preparing to welcome several dozen participants from all across the United Church of Christ to the Arizona borderlands August 26-30. The Faithful Witness AT the Border gathering is shaping up as several days of witness, ministry and education.

Love of children fuels supply drive in North Carolina community

Children in foster care in Claremont, N.C. have a couple of strong allies in a local UCC affiliated retirement community, who want to make sure the young ones have what they need when they are facing change.

Commentary: To counteract avoidable deaths: A spiritual awakening

The world was rocked by the recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, two people who seemed to have it all.

Congregate Charlottesville plans Service of Remembrance and Repair as resistance to white supremacy

The message of Love over Fear resonates in Charlottesville today as the clergy of Congregate Charlottesville prepare to mark the anniversary of the event that terrorized their community and left a woman dead, as they ready resistance for another white supremacist rally planned for Sunday.

Looking for new insight into the Gospel, artists and activists brainstorm in Cleveland

A week-long retreat channeled the creativity of artists and activists in the United Church of Christ in an effort to confront the world we live in today. The group's goal — to create a new and evolving language of faith for this moment in time that can be used to impact and resource local churches.

California Church untouched by wildfire that took members' homes

A UCC congregation in Redding, Calif., is planning a community meal on Tuesday, August 7, for friends and neighbors who have lost their homes and possessions to the wildfires burning in the area. While flames came within a mile of Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ, the church building was spared. The church family was not.

Western Regional Youth Event reaches across the water to the people of Puerto Rico

More than 400 youth and adult leaders at the UCC Western Regional Youth Event (WRYE) in Hawaii, living into a strong feeling of connection to another U.S. island, collected over $1,400 to help the people of Puerto Rico.

Commentary: Nine Reasons Why You Should Vote (and Tell Other People to Vote Too)

We are confronted with injustice every day and sometimes the problems of our world seem too big to confront.

UCC member in New York deported to Haiti: His youngest daughter speaks out

Judson Memorial Church in New York City continues to act on behalf of one of their own, deported to Haiti earlier this year. Congregant, part of Jean Montrevil's family and friends, hope to help him get back on his feet as they work to bring him home to the U.S.