United Church of Christ

United Church Funds President announces retirement

After almost three decades at the helm of United Church Funds (UCF), President Donald G. Hart has announced his plan to retire in June 2019.

Commentary: Justice work means working with the most vulnerable

By empowering these families, offering hope and building relationships we break down barriers of injustice and prejudice that threaten the very fabric of our common humanity. Praise be to God.

Arizona church video celebrates 3 Great Loves, mission to help teachers

A United Church of Christ congregation in an Arizona retirement community is living into the 3 Great Loves initiative by supporting area teachers with school supplies.

Immigration advocates in NYC resolute despite deportation of one of their leaders

In the spirit of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., several UCC ministers in NYC spent much of the Jan. 15 holiday in protest and in prayer with hundreds who gathered at Judson Memorial Church, calling for the immediate release of two church members and high-profile leaders of the immigrant rights movement. One was deported, the other remains in detention.

Ohio interfaith group brings community together to celebrate, continue vision of MLK

A number of spiritual leaders in rural Ohio who have come together to continue the work of Martin Luther King Jr., used the national holiday as a way to celebrate King's vision of a beloved community, and honor the work of a UCC pastor.

Registration opens for Shaping Theological Formation Summit

Registration for the UCC summit, 'From the Ground Up: Re-imagining Theological Formation', is now open to interested participants across the life of the church.

Montecito mudslides prompt UCC pastor displaced by wildfires to serve

A California minister offers pastoral care to a community of friends stricken and injured by mudslides.

UCC leaders condemn Trump's racist profanity, demand apology

The United Church of Christ national officers, outraged and offended by the president's reference to African countries and Haiti in vulgar, racist terms on Jan. 11 while debating immigration reform, have issued this statement.

Michigan clergy demand protection for Dreamers

As churches and communities around the country ready to celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, a number of UCC clergy in Michigan came together to point out how much work still needs to be done to realize King's Dream, calling for a 'Clean' Dream Act.


UCC advocates in New York protest pending deportation of nationally-known immigrant rights activist

For the second time in a week, protestors filled the streets of New York City after a high-profile immigrant rights activist, and member of Judson Memorial Church was targeted for deportation by ICE.