United Church of Christ

UCC leaders reach out with love as they condemn attack on Jewish community in Pittsburgh shooting

Leadership of the United Church of Christ reaches out with love as they condemn attack on the Jewish community in a deadly mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue during Shabbat services. 

Commentary: Our Transgender and Intersex Family, Friends, Coworkers, and Neighbors Will Not Be Erased

The soul of our nation hinges on living the values that honor the worth and dignity of every person and the willingness to defend the liberty and justice of all.

Maine church video promotes Our Faith, Our Vote campaign

Members of a UCC congregation in Maine wanted to use their voice to encourage others to vote their values—so they created a video and put it out on Facebook. 

UCC Conference Minister: Let’s stop the ‘Cycle of Cruelty’ at the Border

The UCC Southwest Conference Minister shares circumstances on the Arizona Border and ways churches are adapting their ministry strategies to meet the needs of migrants coming north.

United Church of Christ leaders condemn contemplated attack on transgender and intersex rights

The national leadership of the United Church of Christ is condemning a government attempt to define gender as a biological fact determined at birth.

UCC pastor: Come to the Borderlands and learn about immigration

A UCC pastor in Southern Arizona invites the wider church to come to the Borderlands and learn first-hand about immigration.

Boots on the Ground: A Local Campaign Perspective

Looking for a way to get involved in Our Faith, Our Vote? Volunteer for a political campaign.

United Church of Christ Board formalizes leadership structure change, 2019 budget, elections

The United Church of Christ Board, at its fall meeting, formally ratified the realigned structure of the denomination's national leadership, approved a budget for 2019, and worked toward the next election of national executives to be held at General Synod 32 in Milwaukee, in June.

Ohio church takes seriously its responsibility to love all its neighbors

'Homeless Jesus,' a sculpture by a Canadian artist, was installed on the lawn of First Congregational UCC in Elyria, Ohio, as a way to draw attention to the needs of homeless refugees, migrants, and those marginalized within the community and society at large.

Massachusetts Church's Love of Neighbor brings life, health to mothers and babies in Haiti

Our faith teaches us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Often, that can mean the folks in our own communities. But as the members of Dover (Mass.) UCC have learned, it also means people some 1,600 miles away.