United Church of Christ

UCC advocates arrested in St. Louis speaking out on behalf of their neighbors

Several United Church of Christ clergy and lay leaders were arrested during an interfaith call for justice outside the Federal Building in St. Louis, Mo., on Thursday.

Hope Station Nogales to provide reverse sanctuary to deportees in Mexico

A United Church of Christ sanctuary church offering immigrants refuge in the Arizona borderlands will soon be offering a place of hospitality, support and hope on the Mexican side of the border for people who find themselves deported from the United States.

As Toilet Paper Pyramid goes up on Long Island, so does awareness

As a pyramid of toilet tissue took shape in the street outside a United Church of Christ sanctuary in Long Island, N.Y., it drew the attention of scores of people in the local community – to the growing structure rising from the ground on July 19, and to very real issues of homelessness and domestic violence.

The UCC and the people of Indian country mourn Pastor Byron Buffalo

The United Church of Christ is mourning the death of a dedicated pastor and inspirational leader in the Dakota Association UCC.

Commentary: Love of Children

In an effort to embody and incarnate our commitment to love God with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength and to build a just world for all, the United Church of Christ has called for us all to participate in the Three Great Loves campaign.

UCC Youth 'Clean-Up' at Great Lakes RYE

250 young people come together to help others at the UCC Great Lakes Regional Youth Event, assembling scores of Clean-Up Bucket Kits for distribution by Church World Service.

A California church jails baby Jesus, a visual statement of solidarity with immigrant families

A California congregation incarcerates baby Jesus inside a fence, separate from his parents, as a visual call for change in current U.S. immigration policies. But it also underscores a grim reality. The story of families fleeing violence is as old as the story of Jesus himself.

Youth group prompts Montana church camp to build an inclusive community for LGBTQ families

It started as an idea brainstormed by a group of 17 young people on retreat last fall, and will become reality next month, when Mimanagish Family Pride Camp welcomes LGBT + campers, their families and friends to the heart of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness just 40 miles south of Big Timber, Montana.

Illinois church group, in community, fights for separation of church and state

 group of concerned church members and their pastor in Freeport, Ill., are fighting for the separation of church and state. They want to make sure religion stays out of the local library. So with their community, they campaigned against the installation of the motto "In God We Trust" on the library building – and won.

Commentary: Noble Character Traits and Human Rights

A delegation from Egypt recently visited the U.S. for a week, meeting with civic, religious, and civil society leaders.