United Church of Christ News

Commentary: Wise as Serpents, Gentle as Doves

Our ability to be in relationship with those with whom we disagree is a mark of our faith, and it can also makes us more effective as advocates.

Boards of three UCC Conferences in Southern New England move forward on becoming one

After spending two hours going over documents detailing the future operation of a new, unified conference, the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Conference Boards of Directors enthusiastically gave their stamp of approval to moving forward with the process.

UCC interns making their mark in Connecticut community

Three young women spending a year in service, hosted by a Connecticut congregation, are already injecting new ideas, life and love into the church and its community.

UCC mourns the loss of theologian, teacher, author, activist Gabe Fackre

The United Church of Christ is mourning the loss of an eminent theologian, respected teacher, prolific author and passionate activist with the death of the Rev. Gabe Fackre on January 31.

Pennsylvania lay leader creates traveling road show around UCC's 3 Great Loves

A UCC lay leader in Pennsylvania is on a spiritual journey, spending his Sundays with several different congregations, spreading the word about the 3 Great Loves (3GL) initiative.

Commentary: Shutting Down Did Not Shut Us Up

Our government shut down long ago. But we who believe ...will not stop crying aloud.

Commentary: Time to give ourselves to the struggle until the end

UCC Executive Minister of Justice and Local Church Ministries the Rev. Traci Blackmon shares a story of struggle, and issues a call to action. Join the effort to build a just world for all people.

UCC leaders respond to first Trump State of the Union Address

UCC leaders respond to the first State of the Union address of President Donald Trump, concerned with his policies and his speech Tuesday evening.

Climate Movement answer to Trump State of the Union begins with resistance

In his first State of the Union address, President Donald Trump didn't mention climate change. So a number of national organizations in the environmental movement are coming together Wednesday night, Jan. 31, to plan a way forward, with a goal of ending the use of fossil fuels and ushering in renewable energy.

NY Immigration advocates applaud judge's rebuke of ICE, freedom for New Sanctuary Coalition leader

Sanctuary advocates in NYC, including two UCC pastors, their faith communities and scores of other clergy and congregations are celebrating a bold message from a federal judge that led to freedom for one of their own.