United Church of Christ

Commentary: Black History Month Reflection: Making Room in the Mess

I must say that writing about African descent ancestry, culture, and identity, is one of my passions.

'Reflections from Ghana' lift up mission and ministry of One Great Hour of Sharing offering

Two greater Cleveland church members shared a life-changing experience with members of the United Church of Christ national staff — in a discussion about their mission trip to Ghana.

UCC clergy speak out, lobby Senators in support of Green New Deal

UCC executives and environmental advocates are joining other allies concerned about climate change in speaking out for the Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal – Legislating Environmental Justice… Hooray!

The Executive Leadership of the United Church of Christ laud the introduction of the Green New Deal Resolution, legislation “that creates an opportunity for America to commit to goals, aspirations and specifics that are consistent with the UCC’s decades-long advocacy of environmental justice.”

Commentary: Ending the HIV Epidemic by 2030

With the 2019 National Week of Prayer for the Healing of HIV and AIDS just around the corner (March 3-9), the President’s State of the Union commitment to ending the HIV epidemic by 2030 is welcomed.

UCC seeks nominees for Justice Leadership Awards

The United Church of Christ will be presenting four Justice Leadership Awards at this year's General Synod in Milwaukee, Wisc., in June, and is looking to the wider church for nominees.

Global Ministries lays the groundwork for Southern Asia Initiative

The rights and the opportunities for women and girls proved to be a prominent theme during a two week trip to Southern Asia for three Global Ministries executives from the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Service of farewell celebrates MillerShank's ministry

The National Officers of the United Church of Christ joined Local Church Ministries' MESA Team in offering a sacramental sendoff for the Rev. Holly MillerShank, who has left her position as MESA team leader to continue her ministry in the local church.

Commentary: Recovery as Discipleship

I could hear the distress in her voice.

UCC, other religious organizations challenge constitutionality of Bladensburg Cross

The United Church of Christ General Synod is joining five other religious organizations challenging the constitutionality of a 40-foot cross displayed on government land in a case that will be heard by the United States Supreme Court this month.