United Church of Christ

New York Sanctuary Caravan to bear witness, offer assistance to migrants on both sides of the U.S. border

Two UCC ministers, part of an interfaith delegation from New York City's New Sanctuary Coalition (NSC), travel to San Diego to learn more about what people fleeing Central America are facing when they arrive at the border, and to offer assistance to clergy, congregations and organizations along the United States border with Mexico that are currently serving migrants looking to better their lives in the U.S.

Advent series begins season two of UCC's 'Podcast For A Just World'

A compelling United Church of Christ resource for communities of faith building a just world for all is making its second season debut this week with a look at resilience through the lens of Advent.

UCC minister: We can, we must do better than this

A UCC minister from Tulsa, part of an interfaith pilgrimage from several states converging at the federal detention center for young migrants in Tornillo, Texas, says it's time 'to examine and eradicate our predisposition towards 'othering.'" 

Buffalo Sanctuary Church 'Showers Love' on global guests

A Buffalo, New York congregation celebrated the completion of a construction project on Sunday that, as a sanctuary church, allows them to 'Shower Love' on their global guests.

How Does it Feel to be a Problem

“How does it feel to be a problem?” Over a century ago, African American scholar W. E. B. DuBois asked this question in his classic work on race, The Souls of Black Folk.

Hot off the presses, new UCC Manual on Ministry fits the newest generation called to serve

The 2018 edition is designed to lay the groundwork for the next generation of ministerial leadership in the United Church of Christ.

Cleveland UCC church hosts vigil for mother killed by car thieves

A small United Church of Christ congregation in Cleveland hosted a vigil Monday night for a young mother tragically killed by a carjacker in in the church parking lot in front of her family.

Two UCC CHHSM ministries find unique ways to express thankfulness

At this time of year, how do you count your blessings and express your thanks? At two UCC Council for Health and Human Service communities, they use leaves.

Commentary: We Need a Caravan of Compassion

I am deeply troubled by the continued escalation and racist rhetoric against Central American migrants and others heading towards our border.

For UCC youth ministry, the future is now

A fall gathering, a Lenten devotional, and planning for a 2020 National Youth Event — current initiatives adding new life to Youth Ministry in the UCC.