United Church of Christ

N.Y. UCC youth group makes bold statement on civic responsibility to 'Get Out the Vote'

A New York UCC youth group launches a website to offer young, first time voters information and an easy way to register. It's all about civic responsibility.

UCC leadership, clergy condemn injustice, partisan politics in Kavanaugh confirmation

As the United States Senate votes by the slimmest of margins in American history to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as the next Justice of The Supreme Court in a 50 to 48 vote, national leadership and local clergy of the United Church of Christ express deep concern in the decision and vow to use their voices and voting power for the betterment of what they see as a deeply divided nation.

Wisconsin church sponsors, grows meal program for children

I For Saint Stephens United Church of Christ in Merrill, Wis., adopting the local "Food For Kids" program was a giant leap of faith: a leap made easier because of the church's commitment to the UCC 3 Great Loves initiative.

Commentary: Blessed are the Storytellers

In Washington D.C., there is no shortage of issues to focus on these days. No lack of political and moral crises to keep one up at night.

New Hampshire church members await word of family, friends in Indonesia after earthquake

The members of a UCC congregation in New Hampshire are anxiously awaiting word from family and friends in Indonesia after Friday’s powerful earthquake and resulting tsunami which decimated entire communities, displaced tens of thousands of people, and left scores of victims unaccounted for.

Central Pacific Conference members pray with their feet, their hands and their hearts

UCC Central Pacific Conference members, already Immigrant Welcoming, decided to do more to support their migrant brothers and sisters, organizing a solidarity rally against bigotry and voting to send a message to anti-immigrant organizations trying to repeal sanctuary laws in Oregon.

Uniting in North Carolina to assist neighbors flooded by Florence

As flood waters recede across the southeast portion of North Carolina, the amount of clean up and recovery work following Hurricane Florence becomes more evident, with the Southern Conference United Church of Christ responding in several ways.

Dorhauer: Time to heal the wounds that we created

The UCC General Minister and President offers this reflection.

UCC speaks out in support of Ohio Issue 1

The United Church of Christ, which has long advocated for criminal justice reform and against mandatory minimums for non-violent drug offenses, is endorsing an effort in Ohio that would send fewer people to prison for drug possession and use.


Nomads No Longer: Vancouver, Wash., church members move home

For more than two years, the members and friends of Vancouver (Wash.) United Church of Christ were a nomadic people, displaced by fire, without a church home. That ended with the dedication of their new building.