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Three Things You Can Do for Flint


A few days ago the grassroots leadership in Flint began circulating the following list of demands following the ongoing crisis in the city:


As people of faith who want act in solidarity with the community in Flint, what can we do? Here are three ways to get involved:

1) Call President Obama to request an increase in federal funding directed to Flint that would allow for the replacement of the city’s water infrastructure. Call 202-456-1111.

2) Donate to the UCC Emergency USA Fund. You can choose to designate your contribution to Flint.

3) Share articles that highlight the role of systemic racism in the Flint water crisis:

Paris and Beyond: An Interview with Shantha Ready Alonso


To get an insightful analysis of the international climate accord reached in Paris, I turned to Shantha Ready Alonso, the Executive Director for Creation Justice Ministries. Alonso and her organization have been close partners with the United Church of Christ for years. Until 2013, the organization was the Eco-Justice Program for the National Council of Churches. Today, it continues to be a strong force in mobilizing and representing the creation care work of numerous Christian denominations in the United States. Read more.





A Pope and a Prophet: Desmond Tutu as a Champion for Climate Justice


While Pope Francis has inspired some progressive Christians, he has also sparked mixed feelings, if not outright opposition, from others due to his stands on LGBT rights, abortion, women’s ordination, the canonization of Junipero Serra, and the role of Catholic bishops during the child sexual abuse crisis. For those who are struggling with the contradictions and who need another big holy guy to embrace, let me suggest an alternative: Desmond Tutu. Tutu has an admirable track record on a variety of causes. For instance, he famously once said, “I would much rather go to hell than go to a homophobic heaven.” For years, he has also been a leading prophetic voice in the struggle for climate justice.