Pastoral Changes December 2013

Pastoral Changes December 2013

ATCHISON, Dominque, CT Conf., Hartford, CT 11/7/13
BERTALAN, Julia, St. Peter’s UCC, Millbury, OH 11/11/13
CASSITY, Donna, Int., First, Saybrook, CT 11/24/13
CURRIN, Jerry, Int., Cong. UCC, Wakeman, OH 10/1/13
HARVIN, Steven, Warburton, Hartford, CT 9/1/13
HOWSON, Mary L., Int., King Street, Danbury, CT 11/17/13
KNAPPENBERGER, Joshua, Christ UCC, Bethlehem, PA 11/17/13
LEWIS, Carol B., Cong., Broad Brook, CT 11/1/13
ROCK, Donald, Int., Immanuel UCC, Kettlersville, OH 11/1/13
STUCKLEN SATHER, Carla, Int., St. John’s UCC, Elmore, OH 10/24/13
SHONLE, John, Polk Grove UCC, Dayton, OH 1/12/14

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