Community Actions

Community Actions

You are inspiring...

Share what you and your congregation are doing in this election season. Your ideas might help inspire others around the country to get active. So go ahead. Brag a little! Email updates to

2008 Updates:

Epiphany UCC in Chicago invited Lake View Action Coalition to their Welcome Meal (Soup Kitchen) where they registered six new voters!

Pilgrim Congregational UCC in Chattanooga, TN has conducted a neighborhood, door to door voter registration drive and we continue to register voters through our food pantry. On Sunday, September 28th, we observed Poverty Sunday and had members and guests sign a pledge card to candidates, promising to cast their votes through the lens of the poor.

Hope everyone is doing all they can to get out the vote!


Last evening from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. we did a voter registration drive at Plainfield Congregational UCC.  Six new voters were registered. 


The church that my husband and I work for - Congregational United Church (UCC) in Valley City, North Dakota has been inspired by your program "Our Faith, Our Vote" that we are offering a book study for our community beginning Thursday, September 18th. We will be reading and discussing the biographies of our Presidential Candidates -- Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama by reading their autobiographies; "Faith Of My Fathers," and "Dreams From My Father." We are looking forward to talking about their lives; what shaped them and what has made them the men they are today while talking about the issues in this year's Presidential Election.

Here is copy of the article that ran in our local paper -

The Valley City Times-Record Presidential biographies draw V.C. church’s attention
Thursday, 11 September 2008
By Steve Browne Valley City Times-Record
The Valley City Congregational United Church is sponsoring a lunchtime group for the study of the presidential candidates, based on the nominees' own words. The “Our Faith, Our Vote” book study group will meet at the Chinese Palace restaurant in Valley City on Thursdays, starting Sept. 18, at noon. The purpose is to make a non-partisan study of John McCain and Barack Obama by reading their autobiographies.

“Our denomination wanted to do a thing about the issues,” said Pastor Darcy Borden, “and I thought it'd be interesting to learn about the men and what shaped them.” In September, the group will read and discuss McCain's “Faith of My Fathers,” and in October Obama's “Dreams From My Father.”

Pastor Carl Borden said, “We didn't want to get just the current spin, so we're reading what they wrote about themselves before.”

And will the group continue after the elections?

“We'll see,” Carl said. “Right now we're just trying to get through both books. Heaven forbid we should read just one candidate's book and he loses.”

Thank you for inviting us through this forum a place where we can share our ideas. Blessings, Rev. Dorothy "Darcy" Borden Associate Minister of Spiritual Care and Youth Ministry Congregational United Church (UCC) - Valley City, North Dakota

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