Thank you for your work in this election!

Thank you for your work in this election!

Election Day has come and gone, and thus the passion of a campaign season gives way to rest, reflection, and a new political landscape. THANK YOU for your commitment to engaging your congregation in the important work of democracy. It is our goal as faith advocates to speak out against injustice, and ensure all people’s voices are valued and represented. We are heartened by your efforts to make sure that every voice in your community was heard at the polls.

As our denominational leaders reminded us in their post-election Pastoral Letter, Election Day is just the beginning of our work:

“With the election behind us, our voice as people of faith is needed now more than ever.  We can play a unique role by encouraging civil, respectful dialogue that builds community and a hope-filled vision of the future that extends God’s extravagant welcome to all people.”

We look forward to journeying with you on this path in the months to come, as we work to hold our newly elected officials accountable and continue the work of advocacy in our communities. And as the last of the results continue to trickle in, we will continue to update the Our Faith Our Vote pages with information on some of the ballot initiatives we have featured, along with reflections from our staff.

If you have appreciated the resources we have provided through the Our Faith Our Vote campaign, we invite you to make a donation to the JWM Annual Fund in support of our continued justice and advocacy work. Your generous support will help us provide churches with even more resources and encouragement in the next election!

Thank you again for being a part of the 2012 Our Faith Our Vote campaign. Your work is invaluable to us. Continue making your voices heard, and we’ll be in touch again in 2014!

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