Your OGHS Dollars at Work 2012

Your OGHS Dollars at Work 2012

One Great Hour of Sharing

2012 Disaster & Refugee Funding Report

One Great Hour of Sharing funds enable the United Church of Christ to respond quickly to disasters and other urgent and unexpected needs as they arise.  In addition to the OGHS offering funds the UCC also receives designated gifts for specific disasters and crisis situations that further enhance our capacity to respond. Below is a brief report of grants made from OGHS dollars and designated disaster and refugee response accounts during 2012.

Africa:  ($233,250)

$4,250              Democratic Republic of the Congo:  medical assistance for Malaria

$2,000              Congo-Brazzaville:  assistance for families impacted by arms depot fire

$10,000            Democratic Republic of the Congo:  wind storm damage relief

$5,000              Chad:  integration of the displaced

$3,000              South Sudan:  conflict mitigation

$3,000              Mauritania:  food insecurity response

$5,000              Ethiopia:  assistance to Sudanese refugees

$3,000              Madagascar:  cyclone Giovanna response

$25,000            Sudan / Darfur:  IDP camps & host community support

$5,000              New Republic of South Sudan:  reintegration support

$10,000            Sahel:  drought & famine relief

$10,000            Kenya:  election preparedness training

$75,000            East Africa:  drought & famine relief

$3,000              Tanzania:  drought relief

$70,000            Ethiopia:  drought & famine relief


East Asia and the Pacific:  ($212,086)

$17,586            Philippines:  tropical storm Sendong relief

$2,500              Philippines:  earthquake relief

$5,000              China:  flood relief

$187,000          Japan:  earthquake / tsunami relief

Latin America and the Caribbean:  ($549,500)

$2,500              Columbia:  relocation of threatened pastors

$3,000              El Salvador:  landslide recovery

$5,000              Peru:  flash mud flood relief

$5,000              Brazil:  flood recovery

$534,000          Haiti:  earthquake response


Middle East and Europe:  ($47,500)

$10,000            Lebanon:  medical support for Iraqi refugees

$20,000            Syria:  humanitarian aid

$2,500              Palestine:  emergency livelihood assistance

$5,000              Eastern Europe:  prolonged cold weather relief

$10,000            Gaza & West Bank:  humanitarian assistance during internal conflict


Southern Asia:  ($13,000)

$5,000              India:  Cyclone relief

$8,000              Pakistan:  assistance to the displaced


United States:  ($274,273)

$5,000              New York:  9/11 advisory panel participation

$10,000            Florida: support for disaster recovery coordinator

$2,000              Connecticut:  fire damage

$3,000              North Dakota:  flood relief

$2,000              Pennsylvania:  flood relief / Hurricane Irene

$5,000              New Jersey:  support of disaster recovery fund for flooding / Hurricane Irene

$7,000              New York:  flood relief / Hurricane Irene

$7,000              Vermont:  supplies for long term recovery center, flooding / Hurricane Irene

$5,000              North Carolina:  Hurricane Irene disaster recovery

$500                 Alabama: work group grant

$100,000           Mississippi: long term recovery from Hurricane Katrina

$6,810              Texas: long term recovery from Hurricane Katrina    

$25,000            Florida:  long term recovery from Hurricane Katrina

$11,675            North Carolina:  Tornado Relief

$48,400            Missouri:  Joplin Tornado long term recovery support

$10,000            North Dakota:  Minot long term recovery support

$5,000              Missouri:  Harveyville tornado recovery

$18,900            U.S.:  personal protection equipment for disaster cleanup

$1,000              U.S.:  severe storms and tornadoes assistance

$500                 U.S.:  program support for refugees & immigrants

$488                 New York:  refugee resettlement assistance

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