Recycling At South African Seminary

Recycling At South African Seminary

July 11, 2013
Written by Phyllis Richards

Inanda Seminary, a Global Ministries supported Christian school for black females in kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, recently received five new recycling stations funded by One Great Hour of Sharing. The school’s development manager, Scott Couper, and principal, Judy Tate, initiated a recycling program on campus in 2010, and the recycling effort has grown by leaps and bounds. Realizing it could improve recycling compliance with more recycling stations in more places, the school has installed the new stations at each of the four dormitories and the sports fields.

Inanda Seminary has an active Environmental Club and Recycling Monitors. Students learn how recycling saves the school money by reducing the amount of trash to be collected, earns a modest amount of income as recycling companies pay for materials, decreases the amount of trash placed in landfills, and assists in maintaining a cleaner environment. Because Inanda Seminary is a boarding school, recycling becomes a habit that is brought back to students’ homes when school is on break. As a result, Inanda Seminary educates families and communities by extension. Resident families on campus are also enthusiastic. With over 500 people residing on campus when school is in session the collected recycled waste is substantive. Campus Chaplain, Susan Valiquette, extends the importance of the program by teaching environmental stewardship as an act of faith and an expression of our love for God and creation.

Inanda Seminary’s recycling program attracts a great deal of attention from the public. Inanda Seminary hopes to develop some of the church’s vacant land for environmental education and recreation. As a national heritage site, Inanda Seminary is a destination for tourism and has linked itself to other eco-tourism attractions. The recycling program is a means towards bigger initiatives such as establishing a wetlands preserve, stream reclamation, alien plant eradication, and the re-introduction of indigenous plants and trees. When it comes to environmental preservation in South Africa, the students and staff of Inanda Seminary say, “The sky is the limit!”

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