Mona's Story

Mona's Story

November 06, 2011
Written by Phyllis Richards

To many, Mona Abou Zaid Hasson, was only seen as a wife and mother. With very little education, no one would have thought she could earn enough money to significantly contribute to the success and financial well-being of her family. But Mona desired to be a help, and so she started her own business selling a few sweets from her home.  

At first, the business was slow -- netting Mona an additional 100 LE (Egytian Pound equivalent to approximately $16.75) per month. Soon after she got started, Mona heard of a micro-credit lending program through CEOSS (Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services). She inquired about their program and received her first loan for 200 LE.

With the added money, Mona was able to double her output and her income. Before long, Mona was able to payback the loan, and applied and received a second, third and fourth loan. Each time, she was able to increase her capacity.

Mona used one loan to move her business into a store, and another loan to purchase a refrigerator so she could also sell cold drinks.  

Mona continues to take care of her store and now earns 2,000 LE ($385) or more every month.

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