Kids Sell Art to Help the Children of Japan

Kids Sell Art to Help the Children of Japan

January 09, 2012
Written by Phyllis Richards

 Megan Miller, age 7, was touched by the news coverage of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  She was concerned about all the children affected by the destruction.  Megan asked her parents, Ron and Michelle Miller, if she could use her art studio at home to sell her artwork and send the money to the children in Japan.  Her parents supported her request and invited their church to participate.

“We have a great group of young families and friends at Grace United Church of Christ,” said Michelle.  “The other parents were thrilled with Megan’s idea and helped work out the details.  We wanted to involve the older generation from church and make it a team effort.  The children arranged to have people donate items for a bake sale the day of the art sale.  How can you possibly say no to those little faces?”

On Sunday, May 1st, the families hosted “Kids Art for the Children of Japan” at their church. Twenty children participated ranging in age from one year old to thirteen years old.  Themed artwork included: a fish bowl, Easter, spring, cars, trains and much more.  Fifty-seven pieces of artwork were framed and put on display.  Donations of $10 were requested to purchase the artwork, while prices ranged from 25 cents to $10 for the various baked goods.  Proceeds totaled $703 from the event to benefit the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund through the United Church of Christ. 

“I couldn’t believe all the people that came to our art sale!  We are kids and we wanted to help other kids from Japan.  We love to draw and paint so that’s how we helped,” said Megan.

The young family playgroup was formed in June 2009 to meet the changing needs of church members and friends associated with the church.  Monthly activities include trips to the playground, scavenger hunts, movie nights, swimming and bowling.  The group tries to keep the cost minimal for each event and keep the focus on the social opportunity for the families.  The group also collected items for a care package to be sent to a troop in Afghanistan.

One Great Hour of Sharing responds to disaster relief efforts on average every 2.5 days and raises additional funds for large disasters through members and friends of the United Church of Christ.

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