HIV/AIDS training and organization in Namibia

HIV/AIDS training and organization in Namibia

June 19, 2007
Written by Michelle May

Global Ministries has a very positive relationship with the main ecumenical body of Namibia, the Council of Churches of Namibia (CCN), which initiated its work during anti-apartheid times when South Africa was illegally running Namibia. During this period the churches of Namibia, including the United Congregational Church, member of the Council, worked together in CCN to gain independence in 1990.

Today HIV/AIDS is a major concern in Namibia. CCN is one of the institutions in the forefront of challenging the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Global Ministries, with One Great Hour of Sharing support, funds the CCN's work with HIV/AIDS. CCN's two major activities related to HIV/AIDS are:

Facilitating CCN member churches to establish HIV/AIDS committees, support and pressure groups and programs in their congregations where there are no committees. These church groups will meet with groups from other organizations to share information and to empower each other.

Mobilizing and facilitating workshops for support groups in member churches on prevention, home-based care, and counseling. Participants are from member churches and leaders for sessions will be invited from Catholic AIDS Action, AIDS Care Trust, and Namibia Network of AIDS Service Organizations. Participants receive extensive information and materials on HIV/AIDS awareness and the CCN pastoral letter on HIV/AIDS produced in three languages. At the end of the workshops, participants are able to train others and participate in the implementation of the Namibian national HIV/AIDS programs. Several workshops have been conducted with great success.

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