Fresh Water for Tibetan People

Fresh Water for Tibetan People

January 09, 2012
Written by Phyllis Richards

Er Jia Qi Village has a small population of 36 families who live high up in the mountains 3,500 meters above sea level. For years, the families have had to travel to the top of the mountain to get fresh water.

As difficult as it was to go back and forth, it was just as difficult to figure out a way to get water back to the village.

The villagers came up with a plan to build a drinking water system made up of cement and rubber piping.

The cement was used to make a huge container for collecting and the rubber piping was run underground from the Mountain top back to Er Jia Qi.

Of the 36 families in the village, only half of them were able to get water hooked-up in their homes. “The others families were too scattered out to be able to benefit from the project at first. The piping just could not stretch that much” reported Mr. Daba Sangje, the village leader.

A second phase of the project was instituted, and more piping was bought. Today, all of the families enjoy running water, and improved health and sanitation.

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