July 04, 2007
Written by Phyllis Richards

Nazia is not sure of her age—she believes she is around 25 years old. She is a widow with 4 children. Nazia and her children lived for the past several years in a refugee camp in Pakistan, where they sought refuge after her husband was killed during the Taliban "era" in Afghanistan. With the many recent changes in Afghanistan, she and her children chose to return to their home community, hoping to begin again. They had no home to return to—their former home had been destroyed. They feel fortunate to have been offered one room in the home of a relative in which to live upon their return. Theirs is a difficult existence.

Nazia is participating in the Moghul Women's Shura as a way of earning some small income to help provide for the basic food needs of her family. The members of the Shura have been provided with tailoring training and sewing equipment that will allow some of them to take in sewing and tailoring orders from others in the local community. Nazia is among those who are benefiting from this program.

Despite the difficult times they have endured, both past and present, Nazia's aspirations for the future remain undimmed—education for her children, a home of their own, and the hope of opening her own small business. Enshallah! (God willing!)

The work of the Moghul Women's Shura is supported by One Great Hour of Sharing.

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