Hymn for Volunteerism

Hymn for Volunteerism

Hymn - O God of Light, May Our Light Shine (Source: CWS Website)

CANONBURY LM ("Lord, Speak to Me That I May Speak") 

O God of light, may our light shine
In ways that serve and honor you.
May we be loving, just and kind,
Proclaiming Christ in all we do.

God, where your people are oppressed
And where they cry out in despair,
Make us your light-- to heal, to bless--
A witness, Lord, that you are there.

Christ, when your way is pushed aside
By those who trust in wealth and might,
Make us your lamps that we may guide
A searching world to your love’s light.

O Spirit, in this world of doubt,
We often sin and drift away;
When our own faith is flickering out,
Shine on our path and light our way.

Biblical Text:  Matthew 5:13-16
Tune:  Robert Schumann, 1839.
Alternate Tune:  O WALY WALY LM ("Though I May Speak")
Text: Copyright © 2005 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette.  All rights reserved.


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