Getting Started

Getting Started

     Thank you for your support of
     One Great Hour of Sharing


Follow the four steps below to receive the offering:



Review promotion resources. Order additional quantities. Share the resources with others in your church, including pastors, teachers, and the stewardship committee.


Educate and Proclaim!

Share materials with the congregation. Mail letters from the Pastor along with offering envelopes to members and friends. Print announcements. Use bulletin inserts. Plan a skit. Share stories. Many ideas are available online at



Use Worship Resources,

whether you use one of the adult sermons or children’s sermons, your congregation will enjoy learning something new about the offering.  We are providing multiple resources to use over multiple weeks. Resources include sample sermons, maps, stories, skits, and even a music DVD. Make the offering the high point of the service on Dedication Day (the suggested date is March 22, 2009).



Share the good news…because of their generosity, your congregation was able to reach its goal. Let people know they can still give. Then send your congregation’s gift to your UCC Conference Office noting OGHS.

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