Children and Youth Resources

Children and Youth Resources

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The following sites have downloadable and/or interactive children and youth activities and leader's guides. Some items are not available online but can be purchased from an online site.

Bread for the World's "Make Hunger History" helps students understand hunger and provides tools to make a difference. Through games, exercises, prayer, stories and letter writing, students get a hands-on look at how God would like us to respond.

"Make Hunger History"
Grades 4-6 (free download)

The Catholic Fund for Overseas Development's (CAFOD) "Get a Life" has ideas for changing the world one step at a time through basics like shopping, understanding, talking and getting involved. It includes some great economic justice bullet points.

Christian Aid's "Global Gang" is a site just for kids. It is packed with high-tech games, stories and news that addresses children rights concerns. Games such as Sneaky Snakes, Carpet Kids and the Landmine Challenge raise kid's awareness of injustice. This is a great resource for teachers and youth leaders.

Church World Service's Build a Better World I and
Church World Service's Build a Better World II
Meet children from other parts of the world, learn about their struggles for a better life, hear God's call to serve our global community. For elementary school children.

Church World Service's Hungry Decisions is a simulation exercise suitable for older students, youth and adults.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's Division for Global Missions has games and crafts in Africa Country Packets.
They also have the "Real Meal Deal" and "Open a World of Possibility."

Jubilee Kids has great visuals and sound to accompany children/youth as they explore, debt and related justice issues as well as their own relationship to God. Child-friendly and fun for adults, too.

Maryknoll's "Educator's Corner" has coloring books for children (K-12), a slide show on Mamibia with in-class and take-home assignments, and other activities that discuss the link between life style choices and social justice.

The Presbyterian Hunger Program's Is There Enough? Children's hunger kit has six great resources for teaching children about hunger - Biblical ground, hunger information and action steps. Includes simulations. Primary, intermediate and secondary levels.

The United Nations' "Cyberschoolbus" promotes education about international issues and the United Nations. High-quality teaching materials and activities designed for primary, indermediate and secondary school levels, and for training teachers in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

UNICEF's "Voices of Youth" provides activities, puzzles and quizzes that address the problem of birth registration, child labor concerns, polio, landmines and other children's rights issues. Ages 12-18 in English, French and Spanish.

The University of St. Thomas' "Catholic Social Teaching and Catholic Education" offers teachers an array of resources on Catholic social teaching, as well as resources for elementary, high school and college age students.

World Hunger Year's "Feeding Minds, Fighting Hunger" has excellent lesson plans for teaching hunger basics at the primary, intermediate and secondary levels. Available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian and Arabic.

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